11 June 2011

What's on my iPod v.2

Hi all! I'm happy to share what's been the soundtrack of my life this week :)

I love Adele! One of my top fave songs at the moment

I've posted another song by this band before {What You Know}, and I can't get over how catchy their album is

Like one of the comments say, can't help but close your eyes and jam by yourself :)

Probably the most awkward music video ever, but this song motivates me to keep going when I'm out running, etc.

Feist has a way of keeping your attention on the music. Beautiful


Ray Lamontagne is a musical genius. I'm guilty of playing this on repeat lol

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10 June 2011

Top 25 Photographer Moms!

I bet you're wondering about the cool news, and the title... right?

Well, apparently I was nominated on Circle of Moms for the Top 25 Photographer Moms category!! How awesome is that?! I'm pretty stoked, and kinda flattered :) I'm happy to see my readership expanding, both within the blogging world and via social networking. You, my readers, are just wonderful!

Some information: Polls are closed on June 29th. I just found all of this out tonight so that gives us... 19 days!

-You can vote once a DAY
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-Voting costs nothing except a minute of your time!
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Worried about your information getting out there, etc?
Don't be! It's completely anonymous, and helps me gain new readership!

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Thank you all for making my day! Xoxo

09 June 2011

Lightning, Schwinn Bikes, and Alice Mill Burns

Weather in Rhode Island has been crazy! Yesterday and today topped off in the 90's, and we've had interesting weather, including a lightning show last night that turned into a pretty damaging storm!

I had set my camera up on the tripod and took a few long exposure photos

Last saturday we went out with my lovely friend Lorena and her sweet daughter Sofia to antique stores! Aside from A flipping shit in the middle of one place, it was a great day. Ari and Sofia had fun running around outside a beautiful mill in Uxbridge, and eating hot dogs from a little stand. Afterward we went to the river and threw rocks! I skipped some for the first time :)

Amazing vintage dollhouse I'm so loving, little wooden shingles!

This bike is going to be mine!! Have you ever seen anything more perfect? Schwinn bicycles are my favorite, and I couldn't believe I had found this one! It's on consignment from a bicycle shop owner, it's been there a few years, and with a price tag of $650 (maybe a little less), I'm hoping I'll be the owner by the end of fall lol

This photo is completely unedited. See the weird light circle around the girls? What the heck?

Last week I did some major organizing of the kitchen, and since I'm seriously obsessed with collecting jars, I put a few of them to good use!

Tazo Green Tea. Sleepytime Vanilla. Tazo Organic Chai. Organic Sugar. Pomacrans.

On sunday we went to my parents, such a wonderful relaxing time. We ate dinner on the porch, I made dessert ( a completely made up, from scratch recipe!) and we enjoyed the nice weather. Unfortunately my camera died, but I managed to snap a few good photos before that happened. *Look for the dessert recipe tomorrow*

My parents have Robins living on the side of their house in a small tree! Ari loved to see the baby birds, so much so that her new animal sound is "tweet tweet" ♥

On tuesday, the old Alice mill on Fairmount Street burned down. Rich in history, its sad to see something from the past disappear- unfortunately common with Woonsocket mills, but one of the craziest things I've ever seen. We walked from Upper Park Ave to Box Seats! Totally worth it

I also started my first week at work! I'm totally enjoying all my coworkers and being there, good stuff. Put in almost 40 hours, too! I'm pretty proud of myselff :)

Anyway, I have cool news to share tomorrow loveys, so check back! xoxo

04 June 2011

A Week in Review {+ my weigh-in & thoughts!}

Not such an interesting week, unfortunately. Every day ran together. The sad part is when I actually had motivation and topics to blog, I couldn't because my computer charger shorted out. SO it's back to holding the broken one until I order another one. FML.

{I think on wednesday} I made Ari a cute polka-dotted skirt/ dress/ shirt thing! haha It was originally supposed to be a skirt, but I made it too long, so it's more of a dress/shirt right now. Made a matching headband too :) My first time working with elastic, and I can tell it's going to open up a whole new range of options!

Ari twirling with her daddys shirt on her head

Cleaning the kitchen, hear her whining.. Look in the bathroom, ta-da! At least it's clean.

How she enjoys her 'seeds' {sunflower seeds}

We decided to hang lights in the living room. Maybe it looks a little college kid-ish, I don't know, but I like the chill vibe I get when I have them on. Plus I can see my books better now ;)

Anyway, almost 3 weeks ago I made a post called The Body Post. I detailed about my weight, etc. On May 15 I was at 114 pounds. Weighed myself this morning, and I'm at 111! It hasn't been as fast a drop as before, but I'm doing it the right way.

Let it be known: I have been struggling!! This is a challenge!
Not gonna lie, it's been so hard. I rarely have an appetite before 5pm. It's pretty amazing, cause I don't get thirsty either. But it fucks me all up, and keeps me on my night eating schedule.

The first week was the worst, I was going back and forth between restricting and starving, to binging and feeling sick. Depressing, but it was automatic. I needed to change how I thought.

The second week was a little better, but I was still on my night schedule of eating.

This week, however, was great! I believe most of the weight loss happened this week.

The secret? I've been eating all day. Choking down breakfast and lunch and 2 snacks, even though my head is screaming at me to stop, then on to dinner. I've been eating adequate portions of good things (fruits, veggies, granola etc.) and no bad stuff (candy, excessive bread + carbs- except last night, ben +jerrys, mm!).
I've been walking everywhere, doing yoga, and being a mom - I think I'm doing pretty good burning the calories. The best part of all this is I pretty much always have a satisfied {not full} feeling, no in-between snacking, and a stable energy level. I'm not really calorie counting anymore, just estimating.
I'm just following a timed schedule, and picking healthy options, but it's still things I like. This is soso important, you'll be totally not into eating healthy if you just choose things because they're healthy.

So far so good, guys! I'm aiming for 100 for the end of June, think I can do it? Xo

Ps, give me a vote pleasee?

01 June 2011

Memorial Day Weekend {photo overload}

How was your holiday weekend loveys?

We had a wonderful one :) On sunday, my friend L and I took our munchkins to Wallum Lake in Douglas.

On the way there, we seriously needed gas and ended up driving around to find one. We stumbled on an old antique barn/ thrift store, so we got out enjoyed that for a little. It was awesome! The little old buildings formed a cute courtyard with chickens running around. After we ventured through the barn, on our way to find gas, we almost drove out in the middle of a parade! haha good stuff.

Eventually we found a gas station, and made it to the lake where the girls had SO much fun playing in the 50 degree water! It's amazing to see how much Ari has grown since last year, where she was just learning to crawl at this time, she now builds castles in the sand and plays with other kids. ♥ All in all, it was a great day with one of my best girls!

Wearing the best band tee ever, Circa Survive frm '05

Yummy, healthy snacks

Time to get out, both girls took their shoes off

In the antique barn

On Memorial Day, Ari, C and I went to their Uncle Rons to celebrate. He lives on Echo Lake so of course Ari was in the water almost all day again (she's a fish). We had yummy dynamites, good beer, and the sun was shinin'. What's better than that? C and I took the canoe out a few times and that was fun, especially when power boats go by and big waves try to tip the canoe!

eating raw onions, her favorite

big girls get big girl cups!

Ari had such a great time, I can't wait til the Volkswagen is fixed so she can swim the (freezing) Atlantic ocean :) xo