31 March 2011

I want the world to stop, give me the morning

I feel pretty proud of myself today! Yesterday at school, we had 'mock interviews', my teacher gathered some of her co-workers to interview us and fill out an evaluation sheet. The person interviewing me, K, is a Vegan (!) and we have a lot of the same interests. So cool :) My interview basically turned into a casual conversation where she gave me great insight on the Vegan lifestyle - which was wonderful, because tomorrow I start my cleansing fast and will start fresh with raw foods. (I NEED to start doing better with my eating, + am totally committed to this).

Anyway, I got my evaluation back, and needless to say she pretty much gave me a rave review!

interview mock vegan lifestyle evaluation

More good news: After a month and a half, the post office called this morning to tell us that they have the 2 boxes of books memere shipped for Ari! So wonderful :) We'll be getting them tomorrow ♥

new england rhode island snow april fools

It's snowing here in Rhode Island, and that is not an April fools joke! We are expecting a nor'easter for tomorrow, April 1st. Gotta love it

Here's two addictive songs to check out - I Want the World to Stop & Mushaboom -Postal Service Remix. Night ya'll! xo

online window shopping @ anthropologie.com

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic

I just can't get over the beautiful things at anthropologie . Here are some things I'm in love with:

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic

anthropologie bohemian vintage beautiful eclectic


30 March 2011

oh when the lights are low

thrift happy tuesday tour

I am so exhausted.

thrift happy tuesday tour

I love my tea, but it tastes even better having a sore throat. xo

29 March 2011

"I am an artist first, and a photographer second"

I went back to the thrift store today to take some photos for tour tuesday, but naturally as soon as I went to snap a photo, the battery died. So, I'm going back tomorrow and not taking my 50mm.

Since tour tuesday is going to be tomorrow this week, here are a few links you might like! I sure did ♥

eco-friendly art supplies for kids!

this looks absolutely delicious!

a few Vegan restaurants in RI

tons of adorable things!

how do you feel about this article?

loving these frames!

We've been drinking lots of lemon water - even Ari loves it! xo

28 March 2011

Simpler times..

Do you remember what it was like without social networking?

I vaguely remember, because before the myspace craze, there was AIM. So funny to look back.. but it was simpler without all these crazy gadgets tethering us to one another 24/7. Maybe it's just me, but I don't like to feel available all of the time!

So, to try to get back to simpler times, I'm deleting my facebook for a while. I read an article here about teenagers getting 'facebook depression'- because everyone makes their life look SO perfect online, and some aren't feeling as if they measure up.

That is so sad! I do feel as if myspace and facebook have put a damper on society as a whole... which is why I'm going to give it up for a while! The time I spent on facebook, I am now going to be spending reading (even more) books. ♥

My little baby napping, she always is FULL of energy when I pick her up after school, so she crashes a little while after we get home. every single day.

Ps! I walked to the thrift store down a few storefronts from my school - awesome stuff! Will hopefully be a posting a tour of the wonderful place for tour Tuesday :) xo!

27 March 2011

We're off to see the wizard!

Today was an excellent day. :) This morning was my memere's birthday brunch - she's 96! She's so healthy, living in her own apartment, doing her own thing. It's pretty incredible; we love her! ♥

After brunch my family (mom, dad, sister, c, and A) and I headed to the Stadium Theatre for the local production of the Wizard of Oz! It was pretty good, I definitely enjoyed myself; Ari, not so much lol. My mom ended up just leaving with her, and she ended up falling asleep. (She's had a yucky cough, but we're trying to take care of that naturally before we bring her to the doctors for any antibiotics.) Tonight was just time to relax, ahhh...

♥ Cookies & Earth Hour

Things have been so busy.. Friday I became cpr and blood borne pathogen certified! Saturday, my little sister V and her two friends K and H (who are basically family) came over to hang out - we went to the park, and baked cookies! At 8:30pm, it was Earth Hour, which we of course observed :) Lit some candles, but we didn't know what we could do since we also unplugged everything *laptop running on battery for music. C found Scrabble Slam cards so we played, and had so much funn! Our Earth Hour will start every night at 9; did you make a pledge to go a little bit greener?

24 March 2011

I've had so much on my mind lately! Aaahhh. School's getting super busy, only 3 weeks until my internship - I'm so curious as to where I'm going to placed.

Ari has become so much more aware of herself lately. I find her crawling on the floor, touching everything, etc. She's also very into lifting up peoples shirts and touching their belly buttons! haha it's so funny to see. She's really starting to speak clearly with certain words, especially thank you (yes, I am a very proud mom! :)

It snowed today! In most areas the sky was bright blue and sun shining, it was beautiful. I want it to be warmer so I can get outside and just breathe.

23 March 2011

Not all those who wander are lost

My fortune from Thai food last night. Prettyy crazy! School's been keeping me busy, I start my internship in like 3 weeks, aahh. Today, Ari and I took self portraits! haha. I'm usually not one for taking many pictures of myself but we had fun, ps camera was totally resting on a f'in vase for all these photos! How's that for creativity? ;) *eta I'm working on losing 15lbs so bear with me!

xo ♥