10 June 2011

Top 25 Photographer Moms!

I bet you're wondering about the cool news, and the title... right?

Well, apparently I was nominated on Circle of Moms for the Top 25 Photographer Moms category!! How awesome is that?! I'm pretty stoked, and kinda flattered :) I'm happy to see my readership expanding, both within the blogging world and via social networking. You, my readers, are just wonderful!

Some information: Polls are closed on June 29th. I just found all of this out tonight so that gives us... 19 days!

-You can vote once a DAY
Households aka my family that are voting must use different computers or the votes do not count

-Voting costs nothing except a minute of your time!
If you enjoy my blog, go on and give me a click!

Worried about your information getting out there, etc?
Don't be! It's completely anonymous, and helps me gain new readership!

All you have to do is click the Circle of Moms badge at the top of this post or on the sidebar to the right. You can also save this link here and click the vote button!

Once I reach 100 facebook fans- fabulous giveaway!
Click 'like' in the facebook app to the right, or click here to visit the page :)

Don't forget- if you're blogging, follow me! Just click the follow button on the taskbar at the top of the page ♥

Thank you all for making my day! Xoxo


Katrina said...

Hey, you!
First of all, you are the cutest mama on the block - I envy your hair big time! Second of all, your photos are wonderful. I just got a new Canon 60D for Mother's Day and am still trying to figure it out. I can't wait to start taking amazing photos with it. I think I need to take a few classes...
Anyway, I'm right below you (today) on the Circle of Moms website so I thought I'd be "neighborly" and come introduce myself and say hello :)
I'm your newest blog follower ~
Happy Fourth of July :)

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