20 September 2011

Rainy Daze

This was my house this morning. We woke up to gray, cloudy skies and cool air. It started raining mid-morning, making it somewhat muggy out. I've been sick... some type of stomach bug, on top of a persistent head cold. It's been about a week now with no sign of letting up anytime soon.

Ari is going to be 22 months in 3 days, two months away from being a big 2 year old! Time flies.... I remember hearing her laugh for the first time. Now her favorite phrase is "what happened mommy?" She says so many things it's incredible.. She actually has a sarcastic little personality, already able to understand jokes and {somewhat} witty remarks. And the girl loves to sing. She sings Detlef Schrempf by Band of Horses so sweetly, I can't wait to get it on video. Ahh I'm going to miss this stage when it passes....

19 September 2011

{The Weekend in Photos}

Fall is here, and I am happy! This past thursday a cold front seemed to have taken over, and I feel as if it hasn't gotten above 70 degrees since then. The leaves are starting to turn quite fast, and New England in the fall is awesome. Sweater weather, you're welcomed!

This weekend was pretty slow, but interesting nonetheless. Both nights I was in bed sleeping by ten o clock! On Saturday, I took the 45 minute drive to Boston for the MassCann/NORML Freedom Rally. I am pro-legalization, and to see everyone so casual enjoying their pastime, was really fun to see. We didn't stay too long, but it was a nice afternoon. On Sunday, my friend J and I went for a scenic drive to nowhere, mainly Mass, on rt. 122. Beautiful drive, except when I started to feel sick driving.

My chest started to feel tight, and then my stomach hurt. I started to get tunnel vision, and had to pull over. At that point, my legs and lips were tingling and the sun was too bright for me to see. I got out of the car, took a few steps and fell to the ground. My legs felt like they were a hundred pounds. I laid for a few minutes and just as quickly as it started, I was okay. A little shaky, the sun was still hurting my eyes, but I was alright. Second time that's happened to me in a few month span- any thoughts on what it could be? Anyway, on to the photos!

Downtown Bean


This photo inspired to do a little digging, which brought me to the Fair Foods project; from their website: "Fair Foods is a non-profit food rescue organization dedicated to providing surplus goods at low or no cost to those in need. Since 1988 we have rescued and delivered millions of pounds of fresh produce and quality building supplies to low income communities throughout New England and around the world." Check out their site, and see what you can do to help this amazing organization!

Notice my thermostat? hahaha

I'm definitely planning on more posts this week, What I'm Listening To, Links You'll Like and some recipes! Stayed tuned.... xox

15 September 2011

Good Karma.

Yesterday after work, I picked up Ari at my aunts as usual. Earlier in the day I had decided we were going to go to Providence for the Hope Street Farmers Market, and to go eat at Nick's. My friend J came with us, but before we left the city Ari insisted (seriously) that she have milk in her bottle instead of juice. One detour to Shell later, and we were en route.

*Side note: I am the queen of putting things on my car, forgetting about it, and driving away.

So that's what happened. I made sure to grab Ari's milk, while leaving my wristlet and cell phone on the top of my car.

Fast forward 5 minutes and we're on the highway, I see something go flying and immediately I remember.

J has me pull over, on a highway bridge no less, and he trekked it back to look for my things. He returned a little while after, wristlet in hand!

Talk about relief. But there was still my cell phone missing; and me, ever the optimist, driving back to Shell complaining that it was probably ran over, stolen, etc.

Once back at Shell, I step out to see my cell phone, still sitting on the roof of my car.

Good karma? I think so.

03 September 2011

{photo dump}

I've been slacking, but the past few weeks have been hectic. Time is just flying right by! It's Labor Day weekend, the end of summer. One last hurrah before the cold settles in, not that it already hasn't. At night it's been getting chilly, sweater weather. I'm loving it! I can't wait for the leaves to turn, and for Ari to be able to experience her first New England autumn. We were living in Florida this time last year, in sweltering ninety degree heat. No thanks!

This post is mainly photos from the past few months, from Father's day til this past week.

She loves to wear my work badge

These three photos make me laugh :)

She really is the sweetest little girl

Hangin' out with her little friend Aidan

Ari at Wrights Dairy Farm

Friends in Newport a few weekends ago

Last weekend, Hurricane Irene reached Rhode Island and by that point it had simmered down to a tropical storm. Unfortunately, there was still a lot of damage everywhere. Trees completely uprooted, houses with trees through them... people barely had power and went without it for about 5-6 days.

Ari received her first haircut this past wednesday, at almost 2 years old. I seriously debated whether to cut it or not, but her bangs were starting to irritate her so I gave her straight across bangs. Looks so cute! Her hair is growing fast and is ridiculously blonde and curly :)

My weekend plans have somewhat gone askew, but I'm going to go with the flow and will hopefully have some good photos to show for it. Enjoy your weekend lovelys! ♥