22 February 2012

never enough time

I've been meaning to blog for almost two weeks now; I'm sad I haven't gotten around to it. Yay for mobile blogging though! Since I last wrote, things have just been non-stop. Between my health issues and my bodys inability to fight anything off lately, I am exhausted. My body feels tired, overworked, and tense. Ari is sick as well, a cold with a pretty shitty cough. Work has been overwhelming. Taking care of this house has become increasingly overwhelming too. There's so much I need to get done (half-finished kitchen painting, etc) and there is just not enough time in the day. Expect a much more detailed post by the end of this week, that will include both What's on my iPod and Links You'll Like, and some interesting news ;) {along with a ton of pictures!} Xo happy wednesday!

12 February 2012

how vacation goes

Well, gabe and I are currently on our way back from vacation... In a tow truck! Haha. We decided to come to New Hampshire for Volkswagen Driver Appreciation Day at Gunstock Mountain. We got a hotel for saturday night and drove up around 2pm in the afternoon. We checked in to our room around 5 aaaand fell asleep until 1030. Ughh! So we basically hung around, laughing at Curb your Enthusiasm and Entourage. Around midnight, we decided to go for a drive, see if anything was still open. We drove to this cute little town, Weirs Beach, which I want to remember for the summer! Cute summer cottages dotted the empty land, ice cream stands abandoned for the winter, arcades boasting hours of fun going untouched in the cold.

We woke up this morning pretty early, laid around before heading to breakfast downstairs. We talked and laughed, until Gabe came back to our room a short time after to inform me that his car wasn't starting. Hmm.... So, after some ignition switch fixing, the car still wasn't starting. Hello, AAA. So we're currently in a tow truck getting towed to Lowell, Ma Chili's where we're going to drink a lot and wait for our 2nd AAA tow home haha happy sunday ;]

07 February 2012


What a crazy week! I wish I could have a whole day to just lay in bed, do nothing but watch movies and eat oreos. Hm. So yeah, last wednesday I went to visit Nate at McInnis to get tattooed! Lorena joined and it was a long almost two hours, let me tell you haha. Driving home was a miserable experience, but after a day or two it was already starting to heal up. I love my teacup! Came out perfect.

Another big change: Gabe and I are actually together. We hung out over the weekend and basically it just got to the point where yes, I want to be with him so f it. Gonna give it all I've got for the last time and if it doesn't work out, at least I won't be disappointed this time. So far, so good.

On Sunday we went to Ikea.... Ugh. I love too much stuff, I wanted to buy everything. In previous posts I mentioned doing some redecorating? Yeah. Ari and I went to Lowe's last night and got paint to start the pantry. The color is soo not what I was expecting! LOL. It's interesting, very retro; I'm going to keep it, but paint the accenting wall and cupboards white and ice gray.

I don't want to think about work right now, but I'm getting a little bit stressed out. I've been accomplishing a lot but there's still SO much to do. I was given a bit more responsibility and I can't really fall behind on that task. I can't really fall behind on anything. Hm.

This week I attempted to dye my hair red. Didn't really work out that well. I still like it, but it's not how I expected. The color didn't take anywhere except the top of my hair so, yeah. Back to black I guess! haha.

Ari and I had a very interesting night/morning. First, at 3am, I heard what sounded like snapping twigs. I got a little nervous, and got out of bed to check the kitchen. Walking out of my room, my feet are crunching on something, and I see a little blond head sticking out of the closet. Ari was holding a box of angel hair pasta, and with a huge smile on face, was breaking it all in half. I literally stood there in ambivalent shock. Like, three in the morning, and decides to go and break spaghetti? What the hell? So, back to bed I bring her. At around six, I'm awoken by this loud clunking noise coming from the kitchen. I honestly did not want to get out of bed to see what it was because I knew it was going to be Ari, making some type of mess I did not want to clean up that early, on top of the spaghetti still everywhere. As she gets closer to my door, all I see is her flailing about with her rollerskates on. At this point, all I can do is laugh. She sees me laughing and starts laughing herself. ♥ She seriously makes my mornings, even if I went to work with spaghetti pieces in my shoe.

I'm seriously just loving my room lately. More specifically... bed.

now picture the above walls this^ color. Blackberry Jam

Yeah..... hahah I'm hoping it looks a lot better once it's all finished

Teacup! Peeling but looking rad.

So long, red hair.

P.s. Check out this article; it'll make you think ;]
P.p.s. Watch this video, you'll love the song!

03 February 2012

random thoughts

When is enough? If you keep doing the same thing, your results will always be the same. I don't know why I can't give you up..

01 February 2012

What's on my iPod v.6

I’m in my weird music mode lately. I have 8 hours to listen to music a day (hello, work) so I keep adding to my collection the songs that I’m falling in love with. Here they are!

This song is so good. Night Moves kinda reminds me of Band of Horses, I think it might be the stray guitar riffs. Recommending- Horses

I’ve just started to listen to Avalanche City recently, but I can see them becoming a favorite of mine. I’m also loving the song “How Long”.

Any song that incorporates a piano in their music, I’m all over it. So it’s easy to see why I have this song on repeat! I like the song Ruin too.

If you liked the Lydia songs from previous posts, you’ll like the Cinema because this is the lead singer Matt Leightons newer project. I am obsessed with this song. The lyrics are typical Lydia-esque and I love it. “Come on, take it or leave it. Cause I don’t mean it like I say it, and you don’t say it like you mean it. Oh I’m sure we could”. Alsooo, listen to the song ‘She’s on my Arm Now’ or basically the whole cd. :]

The vibe I get from this song is along the lines of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan. Plus, a chick playing the guitar? So rad. The song ‘Get Away’ is really cool too.

Beach House reminds me of summer, and not just because their name has beach in it haha. Such a good song!

And just because this song makes me laugh:

Happy Wednesday! Xo