31 May 2012

the truth.

When you stop allowing yourself to be merely an option, you open yourself up to become a priority.

28 May 2012

Memorial Day Weekend!

This past weekend could not have gone better! Early friday night, I met up with my good friend Jim and his new girlfriend, Jolene. It was my very first time meeting her, and I am seriously so glad Jim introduced us! She's wonderful. We met up in Providence, of course Muldowney's, and enjoyed the beautiful weather sitting outside. Jims friend also showed up, and we ended up at a birthday party at the News Cafe in Pawtucket. The night was just perfect, and ended well too.

Saturday night, I convinced Lorena to come over and go out for karaoke, so back to the spot we went. We spent the entire night outside, listening to snippets of drunk people singing when the door opened, making friends, laughing. Typical night there. :)

Sunday was by far one of the coolest days. Lorena and I were invited out to go boating with our friends (haha- Muldown bartenders) Johnny, Ron and Kevin. We spent almost the entire night at Oakland Beach in Warwick- fishing, swimming, almost flying off the boat... lol. The fog rolled in very fast and thick, so we headed for land. We walked through a random carnival next to the beach and parked our wet butts in front of the fire pits they had in back of Marley's. Fireworks and the ocean right in front of us- too cool. Afterwards, we ate our body weight in fried clams and chowda over at Iggy's. YUM. The night was still pretty young when we left Warwick so we decided to go check out what was going on in Providence. It turned out to be totally worth it. Once again reclaiming my chair outdoors, I had a front row seat for illegal fireworks in the middle of downtown Providence. EPIC. Lighting them off right in the middle of the street haha it was like a professional display. We ended up leaving about an hour after closing, just hangin' with Tom, headed home with Lorena and went to bed.

Today was a chill day. I had to deal with a popped tire, but I learned how to change it myself, which is a win. Gabe and I went on a motorcycle ride and I picked Ari up from Chucks. She's obsessed with being barefoot outside, so she ran around for a while before it was dinner time and the usual routine. Tonight she told me I was the best mommy; I so almost cried. The time is flying.. Last week was her half birthday, and for the sake of it only coming once a year, I let her choose what she wanted for dinner. Ice cream was her first choice hey, why not? We ended up at Lincoln Creamery with vanilla and coffee ice creams. Ari about ate all of mine, and then sat in the rest, crushing the styrofoam haha. All I could do was laugh. <3

She was being so silly, I kept trying to push her back a little to get a good photo but she kept shaking her head and moving forward haha. Ari really does hate the camera

I'm not quite sure I know what a "yard sald" is.... haha


horseshoe crab

Kevin + Ron

serious, strenuous fishing

Johnny- another strenuous fishing picture

closing down muldowns.

I'm excited to have only a 4 day work week ahead of me, however I'm sure it's going to be ridiculously busy. The kittens have opened their eyes, and oh my god. They are just the sweetest things on earth. Photos tomorrow!

22 May 2012


It's been so rainy; you'd swear it was April.

At least Ari doesn't mind hangin' out indoors!


kittens though.

Juniper recently had kittens, and we're all in love. They walk sloppily to their mama and have the tiniest cries. Ari is seriously so in heaven, and basically its a good experiment in child development, I guess haha. She asked me last night where Jackson Brown's babies were. I told her that boys don't have babies, only girls. She seemed satisfied enough with that answer, and proceeded to ask me how Juniper gives the babies milk, and not food. LOL it was an interesting conversation to have with a 2 1/2 year old.

On to the cuteness:

The newest hair color until I decide what to do with this mop. Cut, dark, light? Choices..


21 May 2012

{weekend recap!}

This past weekend was one of the most enjoyable in a while. Friday, I got out of work hoping for a fun night, and fun I did get! I met up with a coworker for drinks at a local place, Plaza Mexico. Conversation was great, drinks were good, and the outdoor patio made it better considering it was a welcomed warm night. After a drink there, we headed to another local plac, the Burrito Company. More interesting conversation ensued. (Its funny how much time I actually spend at work). After that, I headed to Providence with Lorena. It had been over a month since we've seen each other last, and in that time frame a lot of crazyness had happened. It was nice to catch up and get on each others level. I cant say it was completely normal, but it was getting there. Muldowney's bar in Providence is one of my favorite spots to go out to; the people are always interesting, the bartenders are so funny and always open for conversation, and its just a good time. Some people I vaguely know showed up and from there it was just a hilarious time. Thayer street from there, and then home. Lack of sleep + tequila from my mexican drinks made my saturday morning hell.

Saturday got a lot better once my headache disappeared haha. My Volkswagen has been acting up again (what's new) so I spent some time trying to figure out what's been going on with that, and much to my delight, I did. Afterwards, Gabe and I went for a ride on the motorcycle and for something to eat. We ended the night hanging at his house with his neighbors, then I went home and went to bed nice and early. :]

Sunday was a busy day, running errands and then getting ready to head to a hot rod and motorcycle show in Worcester, MA. What a fun day! It was held at an awesome diner, Ralph's. We took the motorcycle up there with Rogaa and it was just a perfect day to be outdoors. There were so many awesome cars and bikes. We walked around for a while, drank Narragansett, and enjoyed the atmosphere. *being there got me thinking about the connections we make in life. It was an event where I would have never expected to see anybody I know, but surprise! I heard someone shout "Shayna!" and as I turned, I saw one of my coworkers and her husband. Was really a funny thing, maybe ill elaborate more on what I mean about connections, but it was just so random.

Anyway, now its monday, and back to being a slave to the week. Its supposed to rain for the next five days, so I'm hoping to get in lots of cuddle time with Ari and to get a few projects done around the house, including (finally) painting my bedroom walls purple! Now, for photos:

Ralph's Diner

Monday morning with a new dress :]

Have a great day loves! xoxo