11 June 2011

What's on my iPod v.2

Hi all! I'm happy to share what's been the soundtrack of my life this week :)

I love Adele! One of my top fave songs at the moment

I've posted another song by this band before {What You Know}, and I can't get over how catchy their album is

Like one of the comments say, can't help but close your eyes and jam by yourself :)

Probably the most awkward music video ever, but this song motivates me to keep going when I'm out running, etc.

Feist has a way of keeping your attention on the music. Beautiful


Ray Lamontagne is a musical genius. I'm guilty of playing this on repeat lol

Enjoy! And if you have a second could you please give me a vote by clicking on the voting banners in the sidebar? Thanks loveys xoxo


Eva said...

Adele is sooo talented!


Jess said...

Love these posts... my iTunes is in serious need of new music. Adele is so talented, I have no idea why I have yet to download any of her music.

mysteryguy said...

Hey there! I found you on Picket Fence and really like what you are doing here. You'd be my best friend if you would link to me in your Blogs I Read section...


Once you do, leave a comment on my site and I'll be sure to return the favor:)

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