01 February 2012

What's on my iPod v.6

I’m in my weird music mode lately. I have 8 hours to listen to music a day (hello, work) so I keep adding to my collection the songs that I’m falling in love with. Here they are!

This song is so good. Night Moves kinda reminds me of Band of Horses, I think it might be the stray guitar riffs. Recommending- Horses

I’ve just started to listen to Avalanche City recently, but I can see them becoming a favorite of mine. I’m also loving the song “How Long”.

Any song that incorporates a piano in their music, I’m all over it. So it’s easy to see why I have this song on repeat! I like the song Ruin too.

If you liked the Lydia songs from previous posts, you’ll like the Cinema because this is the lead singer Matt Leightons newer project. I am obsessed with this song. The lyrics are typical Lydia-esque and I love it. “Come on, take it or leave it. Cause I don’t mean it like I say it, and you don’t say it like you mean it. Oh I’m sure we could”. Alsooo, listen to the song ‘She’s on my Arm Now’ or basically the whole cd. :]

The vibe I get from this song is along the lines of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan. Plus, a chick playing the guitar? So rad. The song ‘Get Away’ is really cool too.

Beach House reminds me of summer, and not just because their name has beach in it haha. Such a good song!

And just because this song makes me laugh:

Happy Wednesday! Xo


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