12 February 2012

how vacation goes

Well, gabe and I are currently on our way back from vacation... In a tow truck! Haha. We decided to come to New Hampshire for Volkswagen Driver Appreciation Day at Gunstock Mountain. We got a hotel for saturday night and drove up around 2pm in the afternoon. We checked in to our room around 5 aaaand fell asleep until 1030. Ughh! So we basically hung around, laughing at Curb your Enthusiasm and Entourage. Around midnight, we decided to go for a drive, see if anything was still open. We drove to this cute little town, Weirs Beach, which I want to remember for the summer! Cute summer cottages dotted the empty land, ice cream stands abandoned for the winter, arcades boasting hours of fun going untouched in the cold.

We woke up this morning pretty early, laid around before heading to breakfast downstairs. We talked and laughed, until Gabe came back to our room a short time after to inform me that his car wasn't starting. Hmm.... So, after some ignition switch fixing, the car still wasn't starting. Hello, AAA. So we're currently in a tow truck getting towed to Lowell, Ma Chili's where we're going to drink a lot and wait for our 2nd AAA tow home haha happy sunday ;]


Aly said...

Weir's Beach! I've been there before. It's so nice, isn't it? I loved it up there. I actually had a white with red letters t-shirt that said 'Weir's Beach LIFEGUARD' on it. LOL. Glad you had a good time though!

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