07 November 2012

What's on my iPod v.10

It's been so long since I've done one of these posts.. I feel it's time to bring it back, considering all the new music I've discovered and am currently loving. Enjoy! xo

I've been listening to Minus the Bears new album lately and it's awesome! However, Highly Refined Pirates will probably always be my favorite. Loved this song since high school; it conjures images of lying around in bed on a gray weekend morning (perfect for this current Nor'Easter weather!)

Islands has become a mainstay in my music choice lately. Their newest album is more down to earth and less space-y than previous; it's really working for them.

I just recently found Gates and I'm really impressed. This is my favorite song by them, the lyrics are really touching my soul.

This is another band I'm not too familiar with, but I am SO obsessed with this song! It flows so well, I love the guitar, and the lyrics
{it's hard to take risks, with a pessimist}

Naturally, there has to be a Circa song on here since their new album was just released this past August. It's awesome.
Classic, amazing vocals and the most perfect lines
{I won't share your anger, it doesn't do me any good to feel.. }

Lana Del Rey is my girl crush, and her words are so easy to identify with. The video is pure genius, and I love that they put Josh Kurpuis in it
{avid reader of his blog Kemosabe + the Lodge- check it out!}


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