07 November 2012

Athena, the Nor'Easter.

The East Coast cannot catch a break. It seems to be one insane thing after another; a big earthquake in Maine, a monster hurricane that tore the eastern seaboard apart, and now a Nor'Easter. Rhode Island was supposed to escape relatively unscathed, however where I am in the northern part of state, it's been continuous snow. It came quite early actually, where it was supposed to come for a few hours around 5pm, it slowly started at noontime and picked up very fast. There's a really strong, chilling wind that will freeze your bones.

At the start of the storm on my break at work, I braved mother nature and snapped a few photos.

the first flakes..

shitty ride home, that's for sure!

As for now, I'm ready to finish watching season one of GIRLS and cuddle in the warmth of my house. Stay toasty xoxo


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