06 November 2012

Full Circle.

March 7th to March 9th, 2006

~i guess this is the end of everything. and its all kind of mixed-up, because im really sad and im happy and im relieved, but most of all im confused and i dont know how to use anything but run-on sentences, and for some reason, i keep running into things that just make me feel worse and i tried to get rid of all your old e-mails and the stupid things you gave me, but i guess i cant. i guess maybe its for the better, because i cant keep taking it out on myself everytime i get hurt. and i guess youre right, theres no reason for us to stay like this. and i guess youre right, well still be friends. for a while anyways. sometimes i wish i could forget everything, and sometimes i regret everything ive ever told you. and sometimes i regret everything we've ever done/ seen together. but most of the time i dont, and i guess thats the worst part. i want to hate you, my friends say i should. and i cant. i guess im just afraid of being alone. and i guess i forgot what its like when you dont have someone who will hold your hand, and when you dont have someone to fall asleep next to. and when you look back on everything that made you laugh, and it just makes you cry because you cant remember ever being that happy. maybe i overreact to everything, and maybe im jealous and paranoid. but i dont think im that bad. i dont know, im sick of trying to look on the bright side and im sick of saying things will get better, because when they dont i just get let down. ive never loved/needed/wanted someone so much. its completely foreign to me, to be this infatuated with someone else. my entire life has been selfish, and maybe thats why sometimes i did such a bad job of being your girlfriend. but i love you more than anything. and it was my biggest fear that you didnt feel the same way anymore. im not sure if id rather have you as a friend or just a peice of history. i want whichever will hurt the least, i suppose.

~you say you need time alone, but yet when you catch my scent you want it to surround you.. you want all the benefits a boyfriend would have with me, but i don't want to give in to you.. it will make it seem as if what you've done is okay. it's not okay, at all. all i want is to just kiss you as if it was all the same. today made me realize that you want best of both worlds.. it's not going to happen.

i feel bad about certain things i've done, and if I knew it would ruin us I would have changed the way everything happened, but i guess i cant do anything about it. After seeing what it's like with someone else, I knew exactly what I wanted, and it was you.. its just so hard because i felt like when i started to get close to you, you pushed me away. and now that i'm trying to move on, you come and try to make it seem like you want me back. but you dont, you dont want things to be the way they used to be. you want to be able to have fun and not have to worry about other peoples feelings and not have all of these commitments. except you expect me to only be with you, while you can talk to all these other chicks who dont care about you half as much as i do. its so unfair to me. i dont know, im too stuck on not hurting people to care about myself sometimes. i guess we both have things to get over.

"Well, I love the way your hands touch mine
Like a gift from god, worth a lifetime
In case tomorrow doesn’t find its way
Just stay love is forever don't throw it away"

*I wrote those entries in 2006 (on Livejournal!!) when I was going through pretty much the same situation with the same person. It's incredible to see how things change and how other things never do; everything eventually comes full circle. For whatever reason, this needed to be documented. I am desperately seeking closure; I can't keep beating myself up for not being enough for this person, when in reality, he will never be satiated- with anybody. There comes a time when you're just sick of it all, all the games, the playing. Stability is a factor in my life that must be considered, and I will never allow my feelings for someone to overcome my reality, ever again.


Anonymous said...

it sounds like ur telling my life story shayna. I can releate almost word for word. hang in there and put yourself first for once.

Shayna Rae said...

thank you <3 you too!

Anonymous said...

MOVE ON! your worth more than what he's capable of giving.

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