01 November 2012

November! Currently....

It's the first of November! Ever since Ari was born in 2009, November has struck a chord with me and we've had a truce; things seem to work out well for me now, whereas pre-baby, it was a month just begging to break me down. Here's to good times ahead; Ari turning three, Thanksgiving, my family moving home to Rhode Island, and my niece being born.

NaBloPoMo November 2012

You may be wondering about this strange icon above? I've decided to participate in something called NaBloPoMo, also known as "National Blog Posting Month". For the entire month of November, I will update every single day. That's thirty posts! I can't promise that every post is going to be something of substance, because face it, we all get burned out sometimes. However, starting today, I do promise you a variety of content to keep you entertained throughout the month. What would you like to see? Recipes, more photos, links to like, music?

I want to get this blog back to where it was before, but I think it's time for an identity change. While I am still a young mama, writing about life, I've realized I'm so much more than just a mama. Expect a complete update of this site in the coming days.

Anyway, because I'm feeling all gung ho about this here project- I'm going to take a page from one of the blogs I love, Sometimes Sweet, and do a 'Currently' post! It's a sweet little reminder of daily life, and maybe will become a mainstay in the future~

Watching: Boardwalk Empire! I cannot get enough of this show. It's based in Prohibition era in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The gist of the show is along the lines of the Sopranos, based on profit from crime and the sale of illegal alcohol. Steve Buscemi plays an awesome Nucky Thompson, although my favorite character (Spoiler: before he was killed off) was Jimmy. It's on HBO sunday nights at 10pm est, get addicted!

Listening to: I've been drifting from my usual, finding a variety of new music and re-discovering some old. The new Gaslight Anthem album is awesome, as well as Violent Waves, Circas newest. To get me in a working mood, I've had Name Taken stuck on repeat and some Skrillex. The east coast has been experiencing some less than pleasant weather as of late, so for those rainy day moods- DeYarmond Edison, Gates, Cassino and Cary Brothers. I'll elaborate more on this in an upcoming Whats on my iPod post.

Thinking about: How I'm going to blog for an entire month! I really do think of blogging like, all the time. What sucks is that I'm on a computer working for 40 hours a week, so by the time I get home, the only thing I can bring myself to do is browse other blogs and wish I had the time/energy to write haha. As I was saying above on an identity change for this blog- I just want to make this space as cozy as my home feels. I want an uninhibited spot of the internet where I can just go off on my thoughts and have them all in one place to eventually reflect on one day.

Loving: I've been absolutely in love with onions lately. I know, weird. But I want onions on everything I eat. I'm also loving the fact that this weekend we get to change our clocks back! I enjoy the dark, I love being at home when it's winter and cold outside. Saturday night, folks!

Reading: I'm in between a few books right now. It's not usually like me, but after finishing the 50 Shades series, I've been jumping head first into any and all reading materials. So currently, my list is "Sundays at Tiffanys" by James Patterson {re-reading because it's that good}, "1984" by George Orwell {re-reading} and "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse.

Making me happy: The fact I have a tidy home right now! I used to be a super cleaner, OCD about everything. Now, being a single mama and still fighting the fatigue from mono, I could care less. I worked up the energy to completely clean my house {except my bedroom} and it's just so nice to get home after work and not feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that accumulates. Oh, lifes small pleasantries!

*One out of thirty posts down! Let's see where this exciting month takes us xo


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