28 October 2012

Pumpkin Patches and Indian Summers

A couple of weeks ago, my family went to Schartner's Farm in Scituate for a nice day outdoors, enjoying the autumn weather. Lucky for us, the weather was gorgeous! We ate yummy grilled food and hand cut french fries, went on a hayride, found our way through a corn maze and lolled around in the soft grass drinking locally produced root beers. Schartner's Farm also has an on-site mini grocery store (housed in a big old farm stand) selling their fresh produce, local milk, cheese, honey- even coffee syrup and other Rhode Island-esque treats. We all agreed it was a perfect, even relaxing day. Ari has so much fun, running in and out of the corn stalks and eating raw yellow peppers from the stand.

There's just something about autumn in New England that's so special.

Ari enjoyed the hay ride, even though she was a little nervous

Covered wagon shenanigans with her Baba

Ari is already quite the actress.... I can't stop laughing at this photo haha

{my dad's shirt.... hahaha yeah}

{All of this corn is for the farm animals}

Ari was obsessed with this fake horse haha she did not want to get down

{The only photo I had taken from the following day at Scituate Art Festival- Ari manges on Gabe's corn on the cob. The weather was less than pleasant and I didn't want to risk my camera getting wet.}

I hope all my East Coasters stay safe and hunker down during this storm; we are fully prepared with food, alcohol, candles and books! Aren't those the essentials? ;) xo


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