09 May 2012

Life Lately! v.?

It's been almost a month since I've last blogged. Typing my thoughts feels somewhat new, as I've been writing a lot instead. Truth be told, I needed the little break -felt guilty everyday though! ;] Thoughts and life has been so tumultuous over the past month, I'm forever glad that April is over. November used to be considered my worst month, but for the past three years April has taken that spot.

Things have been moving along. Work has gotten better now that the entire department is finally together. Love my work girls, we're always laughing and making the best out of it.

Unfortunately {or fortunately?), I've been taking into account the people I allow in my life, and due to circumstances, I've downsized about three, maybe more?... but as some friendships grow weak, others grow stronger and I've been having a bunch of great outings with some old friends. I can't wait to do more as the warm weather starts to roll in.

Ari. My little peanut is so not a peanut anymore. She tells me herself, "Mom. I am not a baby, Im a big girl". Like, really? Kid, you're two. But as she keeps getting older, I find myself and Ari becoming a team that kinda transcends the usual mother- daughter relationship. Maybe every single mom feels like this, but I feel like we're both finally adjusted to it being only her and I. She's such a trooper too. Ari walks up to our 4th floor apartment if both my hands are full, and she doesn't even complain. She loves Bon Iver, Band of Horses {still} and Gotye right now. Loves dressing up in her princess dress up clothes and heels. Loves to draw + paint {on everything}. Loves vegetables, cheese and vegan chocolate cupcakes. Ari had a taste of spicy noodles at Thai Garden and she did not like that LOL. She still has texture issues, hates having dirty hands, and absolutely despises if one of the cats goes in her room at night because "it wakes her up". She is not fond of mornings whatsoever, or going to bed for that matter. But it's never a big issue, the kid loves sleep. She has a pretty good sense of fashion, loves owls on clothig + jewelry, and knows which shoe goes on which foot. I am totally enthralled by her! She's such a happy girl, and to see it makes me feel like I'm doing alright.

Things are different at my house compared to everywhere else Ari goes. I haven't had cable tv in over a year, and I honestly don't even miss it. I had a dvd player, ONE, in my bedroom. It broke somehow and I don't want to pay $20 to replace it haha. I have movies on my laptop, which is my last resort now, and life must be against my use of electronics. How does a full can of Arizona iced tea just fall off a solid surface onto my computer? HOW?? ugh, yes. That did happen. Anyway, the best part of all this is that Ari just accepts it. Tonight it made me sad when she told me "we need a tv". Uhhh, no! We don't. She's usually so busy coloring, painting or playing she never asks to watch television. We listen to music, paint our nails among everything else. Her new thing is to chat before bed. It's so funny, I can picture doing this 10 years from now. I'll sit down with her cup, she'll start asking me random questions with her hands tucked behind her head on her green turtle pillow {seriously relaxing}. We'll chat a little bit more. She wants more glow in the dark stars stuck to her bed. Tomorrow after we go to the movies for her first time ever (!), her bed will most likely be bright as hell in her bedroom haha.

Things between Gabe and I have been decent, don't know what we're doing, but who does, right? I love him, he knows that, so yeah. Everything's alriiiiight!

This past weekend was such a fun weekend. I'm not mexican, I'm French, but I appreciate margaritaaaas! I worked at Spectrum Indias table at the first ever Thayer Street Festival. It was just strange to charge folks $15 to come into a gated area and pay for everything full price... hm. After I got out on saturday I met up with Kammy and we went back to Providence to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! We started off at the Celtic Lounge. I figured it may have been like the last time I ordered a margarita there, pure alcohol for $8. But no. The bar was full, so we sat in a little table next to the bar and squeezed in near the door to the kitchen. LOL. We ended up leaving that place for Thayer. The sun had finally come out full force after a week of non stop miserable weather, so we went to our seemingly favorite bar, Shark. We got to sit outside, sweet. Somehow we made a cigarette break friend, and when they were leaving, the waiter brought out anotherrr drink and said it was on them. So cool, especially considering their prompt depature, which left Kammy and I to suck thst margarita down fast as hell because we both wanted Cheese Fries really, really bad. It was a fun night haha.

Another cool thing: I'm gonna be an auntie! My sister is due December 11, which is disgustingly weird considering that was my due date as well! But yeah, my first nephew {says Laurie the gypsy}, and I wish Aly would consider the name Athol as maybe even his middle name?? But I'm very excited, and I can't wait for Ari to be a big cousin!

Overall, things are just fine over here in this attic type apartment in little Rhode Island. I'm hoping for nice weather to come, because I'm dying to picnic, and get a new bicycle, and do summery things including riding a motorcyle and wearing a shitload of sunblock everywhere forever. :]

Photos to follow soon! xo


Anonymous said...

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the Brave. - Ghandi

Shayna Rae said...

I must be quite brave considering I love a lot. :]

It's my crazy, confusing life said...

our friendship will be okay <3

Anonymous said...

Your courage, your loving ability, can't be doubted. You are a mother afterall. However, you are very quick to judge, surprising, given your love of diversity in life.

Shayna Rae said...

I am not perfect, although I do digress. I am extremely open minded albeit opinionated. I don't judge without experience, take it for what it's worth.

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