16 May 2012

{Photo Dump pt.1}

I know I've completely been slacking with the upkeep, but my honest reasoning for such is because I take WAY too many photos, and I feel like my photos basically make my blog. It takes me soso long to go through them all, pick out the few that actually capture what I want to showcase, edit and then upload and post on the blog. A lot goes into these photo posts! But I'm hoping that after this I'll be able to keep up a little better. :]

These photos are much overdue, considering they are from Easter and the surrounding weeks.

Ari's green eggs! haha

Playing Easter Bunny

I love her bedhead

A typical breakfast at home

Ari's Easter present from Auntie Aly and Uncle Ry; she loved it!

OoVoO with my sister and brother in law on Easter

Ari with our 97 year old Memere :]

Opening her boxes from her Memere Weas and Grandma!

Playing with her babies Mellow, Gug, and Mellow 2 haha

little blue fingernails

Red hair!

My sister visited Rhode Island from Tennessee for a short time. One of the last nights she was here, us girls and our cousin Casey got together for some delicious Thai food.

Ari loves Thai food, especially Chinese vegetables such as broccoli. I'm so lucky to have an un-picky eater so unlike myself.

My beautiful girl <3

Part 2 of the photo post to come soon; I have so much to share with you all! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Wow Shayna, when I scrolled down and got to red hair, I just had to stop and say, "Holy Shit!" Good pics.

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