12 April 2012

What's on my iPod v.8

Happy thursday loves :] Only one more day until the weekend! I have a big post full of photos coming up, but to tide you over until then (albeit a little late), here's what I've been listening to lately!

Dozens- Sounds of Your Lovers. This song is so catchy, I can’t help but sing to it whenever I hear it (even at work)!

New Navy- Tapioca. Australia continues to breed awesome bands, this is one of my faves (has a Two Door Cinema Club type of sound)

Skrillex- Summit. Dubstep is my guilty pleasure ;]

Paper Kites- Featherstone.

Boy- Little Numbers. I love these chicks! All their songs are pretty catchy, you should also listen to “Skin”

Have a great Thursday night, I’ll be enjoying it with my best friend and our babies trying out a new-to-us Vegan place called Wildflour :]



Adelina Lee said...

Nice post.. :)

i think you would say.. "hey man.. i got video xxx on my ipod.. lol" just joking

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