02 April 2012

Good Times {weekends}

The past few weeks have flown by! It's already April, I kind of can't even believe it. The start of warm weather is sure to come soon, and I know Rhode Island is definitely ready for it. We had a string of beautiful weather, and then as soon as it came, it left; bringing with it the icy, cold rain. It was a somewhat strangely welcome change of pace, but the sun shining today put me in the best mood.

Work has of course been miserably busy, I've been doing OT and coming in early, for free. Hopefully one day this year things will be decent so I don't feel guilty taking a vaca ;]

Ari is hilarious as always. She always makes me laugh, and says the funniest things. I was listening to her try to coax the cat into the other room, so I said "Ari, you can't make someone do something they don't want to do, okay?" As I heard her little feet run away, I also heard her say "noo". Hahaha

Two weekends in a row I've hung out with great people. From being at Muldowney's, to Thayer Street, to a house party; wherever I go, the common denominator is my best friend Lorena, which equals a super fun time haha.

{I don't go out nearly as much as the following depicts; it's called drunk camera-ing} late night pizza eating haha A few weekends ago, fried vegetables at Kabob + Curry on Thayer Street All the beautiful spring weather caused a lot of things to bloom early. I am so glad I got a picture of the tree, because when I came home from work that day the cold air had begun to turn it brown. I snapped more photos.
Baby toes (in dress up heels- waahh!!) This past saturday, my friends and I decided to make a feast. We followed through with it, and it was well worth it. Steak, chicken wings, mashed potatoes, spanish rice, brussel sprouts, garlic parmesan italian bread. Even homemade mango peach tea (including the 1/3 of a handle of the Captain ;) After dinner, we played some card games and somehow it turned into a full blown party. It was super fun, as I vaguely remember falling asleep sitting up in the driveway haha. :
i forget why he was growling haha
last photo taken before my camera battery died
I won't even lie, I am totally one of those people at the bar who is so curious as to everyones "story". I had to get a picture of this couple; If you were at Andreas bar on Thayer on friday, and this is you, well wow. I have never seen two old adults act like thirteen year olds before. "Totally dating" haha

Two mirror pictures in one night... yes I do that.
{pbr, if you're curious ;}

my hand looks giant here!
Aahh nights in Providence. I've gotten a lot done within this time frame too though! Living room and craft room, both completed :] Ari's room is practically done, only thing left to do is go through her clothing this weekend, which I am surely dreading. Things have just been so busy, I have no time to think. I kind of like it this way.
Clean car and summer wheels outside of McInnis
tonight with my sunglasses; when Knockarounds become available in toddlers, snaggin' someee.
She is seriously a ham

Now I'll leave you with only the best collection of photographs EVER. I laughed my head off. Enjoy xoxo


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