21 January 2012

Snow Day!

Rhode Island has really yet to see snow until this past week, and I must say I am beyond happy! On thursday we got around an inch, and that was better than nothing. Today, waking up to flakes and a white ground just set the morning off perfectly.

For now, I'll be out enjoying the snow!


Today was such a slow paced day, I loved it! {I'll save my reasons for this for a later date, but...} Gabe and I rolled out of bed pretty late this morning, hung around, cleaned up a bit and made a delicious big breakfast. We got dressed and headed to do a little running around. Driving around in the snow is so much fun! Gabe decided to go snowboarding with Rogaa, who could blame them, with all this fresh powder. My car is out of commission currently, so I'm home bound. Been organizing and cleaning, even ordered some Chinese food, yummyy. Ari is at her Mem & Babas for the night, surely having a blast with them and her Auntie V! As for me, I'll be taking advantage of a quiet house by doing the rest of the cleaning, and going out with Gabe for a drink when he gets back to the city :]

.Eggs.Bacon.Corned Beef Hash.Crepes with Blueberry Preserves.Bread.

Park Avenue, Woonsocket R.I.

Attempting organization

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Xo~


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