23 January 2012

morning thoughts.

I wish things were easier to understand. Confusion is a main state of mind lately. This weekend definitely threw me for a loop and now I'm just feeling vulnerable. But it was different this time.. I did so much laughing! Sadly.... I know better than to think anything positive. Things were said that pretty much painted the picture of how I know things are. I can't be disappointed anymore, so at least I'm prepared. Felt good to have my guard down for a while though, it was a nice change. And I was warm, every night. :]


Sunday, sunday. Gabe and I woke up late again, thanks in part to the beer and margarita from the previous night haha. I really need to start remembering my camera! Started the morning with errands, Hava Java coffee and cleaning the car. It has been so cold outside, but I'll take it if it means more snow. So yeah, after the car wash we did a little more running around, went to Lowe's to get some sealer stuff and visit his friend Wes. Gabe and I did laundry at the laundrymat, and got takeout to have dinner with his mom.

During the excitement of yesterday, we dug my car out of the snow bank it was under and she started up! When it snows in Rhode Island, the city puts out a parking ban so the plows can plow the streets easily. My car wasn't running, parked on the street, I had no way to move it. Well, lucky for me, my car never got towed so I didn't have to deal with that! They just plowed all the snow next to it haha.

On another note, let me just say how good it feels to have this years taxes already filed and on the way. Hello, bills paid and car fixed! I'm thinking its about time I upgrade from my Blackberry to an iPhone too, honestly I'm just jealous I can't get an instagram app ;] but I must say it's nice to be able to get the entire blogger interface to show up on my blackberry so I don't have to turn my laptop on haha.

Seeing as its not yet 7am in the morning on a monday (UGH!), and I really have nothing else to ramble on about, I'm going to end this for now. Xo!


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