24 January 2012

Valentine's Day... for the Singles

There is clearly a stigma when it comes to Valentine's day. If you don't have a significant other, you're a loser, nobody likes you, blah blah. What about those of us who are choosing to forgo a relationship, and instead enjoy being alone?

First off, Saint Valentine has no direct connection to the meaning of Valentine's day. Where the name of this so-called holiday comes from, nobody even knows. Although in Ancient Rome, February 13th to the 15th was what they called "Lupercalia", an archaic rite to fertility. Hmm.


On the other hand of the spectrum, some would like to call Valentines Day, Single Awareness Day (or..... SAD).

If you're not sad about it {or even if you are sad about it}, enjoy the next few articles :]

-5 benefits to being single on the 'holiday'

-Oh these crazy Psychology articles. You'll get a chuckle though

-Are you Quirkyalone? Take the quiz! I got "very quirky alone!" hahaha.

A few ideas on what to do on the day?

*If you don't have kids, head out for a drink with friends. I'd personally try to avoid the movie theaters, restaurants, malls... basically everywhere except a bar hahaha. Unless you're a cheap (read: awesome) date, there probably won't be any couples there. If you do have kids, well then you have a wonderful valentine right there!

*Go get a pedicure! This works whether you're male or female, and trust, I don't get sad if I see a guy with decent feet. Besides, who doesn't like to have their feet massaged in hot water? Ummm yeah.

*Have a girls or guys day. Valentines day is apparently about love, so go hang out with the friends you love the most :]

*Eat a lot of disgusting food! This is one of my favorites. Order Chinese or a huge Pastrami sandwich, get a big bottle of wine and a shitload of chocolate. Happy Valentines Day!

*Take all the money you would spend on someone else, and spend it on yourself. Been wanting a ridiculously expensive shirt you haven't been able to justifying buying? Well, if you had a boyfriend, you'd probably be spending $200 on a shitty watch. There's your justification!

*Take a trip somewhere! Unfortunately, V Day falls on a tuesday this year, so you're gonna have to make it a pre or post trip. Anywhere remote is just perfect, the less people the better! I'm in the process of planning mine now ;]

*And, if all else fails, flip the calendar to March and call it a month. By that point the month is half over, anyway.


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