29 November 2011

{Picture Post pt. 1}

Well, I suck. I suck at blogging lately and I realize I know why. I take WAY too many pictures for the amount of time I can allot for them. It's pretty ridiculous, and even then I still only choose a few to show on here. Between this and the next post, 65. Really? I hope you guys enjoy the photos, because there's plenty of them. I'm excited to introduce a few new features for December though, meaning I'll be back on track to regular blogging. :]

Anyway, on to the photos:

Homemade pizza!

New books! First one is an excellent read so far

Over the past month, Ari has been wicked into painting, drawing, etc. One night I set her up with my acrylics and she made her very first painting on canvas, not even 2 years old.

Ari drew little designs on her entire easel


My family gets together every thursday night to have dinner together, and Ari and I headed over to my aunts to hang out and eat, while visiting with my Uncle Junior + Aunt Pauline. Gabe was there too but no pictures :p We ate delicious food, caught up, and Ari had so much fun. She even rollerskated for the first time!

Memere Gert

Cousin Nate, sister Veronica, cousin Katie

Family enjoying themselves, and of course keeping entertainment child appropriate, watching Jackass

In the middle of the month, I got my first real tattoo. It looks so sick! Nate Moretti at McInnis Tattoo Co. in Providence definitely hooked it up. Check his website out here. I'll admit I was nervous to get such a big thing done, not really starting out small and in anticipation of the pain. It was nothing until the shading where it hurt a tiny bit more. I already have another appointment and quite a few ideas lined up, but we'll start with finishing my right arm ;]

It says "time is all we have"; I was adamant about the words being there and the pocketwatch, so Nate made me a super happy customer when I saw what he drew up

next tattoo inspiration.


Makeshift jewerly hanger until I can either find a super cool one or make the one I want haha

Fabrics and skirts

more new books :]

It was getting cold outside, but the past week has been unseasonably warm....


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