29 November 2011

{Picture Post pt. 2}

Because it's been so warm, Gabe juuuust put the bike away for the winter. Before he did, we went on a ride or two :] toooo much fun. We went to Daves Marketplace in Cumberland for free coffee (haha) and then went across the street to an apparently widely regarded bike park in the woods. It was ridiculous! So cool to watch.

Downtown on the motorcycle

Indian summer tho

Rad bus parked out front


Ari's learned that being nice the cats make for a much better outcome compared to beating the shit out of them.

Her second birthday was on the 23rd of this month, the day before Thanksgiving. We celebrated, I cried, and unfortunately all the photos are on my phone. Not only that, but I had to work the whole day :[ I'm looking forward to her birthday party in mid December.. but oh my god, my baby is two! She tells me when somethings bothering her, when she loves me, when she doesn't, when she's tired... She's the perfect daughter and she knows it. (Ask her who's perfect, and she'll say 'ARI!') Lately, she's been clingy to me. "Mama, I want to see you" "Mommy, sleep in my bed". I don't hate it; she was never a cuddly baby or anything, always so independent. SO maybe it's catching up to her now! haha.


blowing this up and framing it

We went to my parents around noon on Thanksgiving, and had another mini celebration in honor of the birthday princess

Ari cracking up and trying to imitate my dads crazy piano playing. Let's just say it was one for the books.... (the itsy bitsy fucking spider!!) hahaha

I have the sweetest boy ever. I ask for some cd's, this is how he keeps them together. Awww.

Traffic going into Providence

A few weeks ago, Juniper fell off our 4th floor porch. I searched everywhere for her, couldn't find her, considered her dead/missing. Totally devastated.The next morning as I was getting ready for work in the bathroom, I heard a tiny meow. Thought it was our other cat Nig, but given the circumstance I leaned close to the window screen and clicked my tounge. The resulting repeated "meow!!!!"s filled me with such happiness. When I bolted down the stairs, Juniper jumped into my arms completely unharmed, just hungry. Crazy how life works

This past weekend Gabe and I went to Joes Rock on the motorcycle. Loved it. It's been so nice out, but enough is enough. Bring on the snow.

ps: read this hilarious story, and this heartbreaking one.


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