04 November 2011

Life Lately pt:2

Continuing where I left off:

On saturday the 29th, Rhode Island saw its first real snowstorm of the year! The snow was coming down pretty good, it was awesome. Gabe and I went to Providence to visit his friend Nate at McInnis Tattoo to throw around ideas and hang out. After we left there, Gabe took me out to Pastiche. He kept it a secret until we got there; he knows exactly what I like! Pastiche is basically a French style dessert cafe with amazing pastries and a light, airy ambience. I felt like a little girl the entire time, smiling and giggly. :) We ordered drinks, me a mocha cafe and Gabe a hot chocolate. Our desserts included slices of the most delicious pumpkin cheesecake and cranberry apple crisp. We sat in a little booth in the back, and it was perfect.

Afterwards, Gabe dropped me off at home and I spent a quiet night reading, painting, and listening to Cassino play while the snow fell. Around 1am I got a burst of energy and ended up hanging out with a friend I haven't seen in a while; it was a good night!

Acrylics on Canvas, 10.29

As everyone knows, this past monday was Halloween! Ari was a little bumblebee, and at last minute I threw on some black clothes, covered my nose in blush and drew on eyeliner whiskers to be a kitty. :) Ari got a total kick out of it! We go to my Matantes house across the city every year for all the big holidays- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. This year we arrived around 630, Ari ate beef stew, we chatted with the fam and then went out for A's first year of trick or treating! She had so much fun, and totally understood the point of the 'holiday'. We went to about 7 houses all together, and each time you would hear Ari's little voice: "Trick or Treatin'!" Holding out her bag to get candy, she was thrilled. We had a very good night; unfortunately, all A wants to eat lately is chocolate!

..Already a teenager -_-

hahaha their faces

Tonight, I'll be back at McInnis Tattoo to watch Nate tattoo Gabe. As for the rest of the weekend, we'll see where it takes me since I have nothing planned! Happy friday loves <3


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