02 November 2011

Life Lately pt:1

I really have been slacking with my blog and for that I apologize! I've had so much to say, but time is fleeting and I can never get around to doing what I want to do. The past 2 weeks have been full of adventure and fun, busy and trying all at once. I've been constantly editing photos and slowly clearing out my house, thanks to mnmlist.com for getting my butt into gear! More on this later. November should be a productive month for this blog, I'm vowing to make at least 3/4 posts per week.

So here it is! I'm going to have to break this into two posts because of the photos, but I'll start from the beginning! On monday the 17th, my parents, little sister V and I took Ari to the Pumpkin Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo. Basically it's a huge display of Jack'o'lanterns spread out along a path through the zoo, carved and colored and decorated. It was a clear, cool night and we all had a good time. Ari was hesitant to go near any pumpkins, but she still got a kick out of the few characters she recognized on some of them.

Skip to the following friday, the 21st - Circa Survive concert with Gabe, and probably one of the best nights of my life! It was a 2 hour drive to Northampton, but good music and conversation made the time pass. Talk about the cutest little town! The street we parked on was buzzing with people darting from one bar to another, with names like the Toasted Owl or the Tunnel Bar (which is an actual bar inside of a tunnel!). We got to the show about ten minutes before Circa came on stage. Anthony Green is just so perfect, he was sober and the music was amazing. Because of my straining at Deer Tick to see, I opted to not bring my camera in and just enjoy the music. I should have though, because I had a clear view of Anthony Green the ENTIRE show. They played all the songs Gabe and I listened to the first time we saw them :) We left the show a little early and ate breakfast for dinner at about midnight at this old diner car, then headed home. Suchh a good night, and I wouldn't have wanted to be with anyone else <3

The following morning I had to be up early (aka miserable) for a Vendor fair at my sisters school. After getting home around 230am, I was not thrilled to be up at 730 but I did promise to be there. I ended up enjoying it, selling Adini products is always a good time! It was a successful day, I purchased a beautiful bird painting on glass, and two pairs of beautiful handmade earrings, along with the awesome Adini stuff I scooped up :) Successful day!

Sunday the 23rd was Broke.Down, and one of my good friends Kammy came with! I was so happy she could join, we don't hang out much anymore due to life in general, but when we do get to see each other it's always a fun time. We left Broke.Down early, and good thing we did, because we got lost for literally 4 hours. Exhausting! But fun anyway.

During the week is always the same, always rushing, no time to just stop and enjoy things; after working a full shift, I'd like to just lay down and hang out with Ari. But no. Dinner needs to be cooked, baby needs a bath, house needs cleaning, blah blah blah. But we did order Thai food one night, and I bought Ari new chalk for her easel! It was a nice unordinary night to break up the monotony :) We also had our first snow of the season!

pt2~ tomorrow!


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