18 May 2011

What's on my iPod v.1

So I decided to do a little music post since I've been more obsessed than normal. Maybe it's because I get to listen from 9am-2pm? Anywayy, I put it on shuffle and these were the first six songs. I youtube'd them so you can listen, too!

#1. One of the best songs I've probably ever heard in my life. Dallas Green is amazing, his band is City and Colour, previous frontman for Alexisonfire. I'm pretty much in love. Another awesome song by him is called Coming Home. I seriously can't even listen to that one anymore, or even think about it without crying. Aah memories.

#2. One of the newer songs added to the iPod, but what an interesting song! lol it will definitely get you dancing, Ari and I love it

#3. Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground, this song is perfect. From 2:14 in the video on, especially the instrumental part with the piano at 2:21, wow. If I ever get married, this will be that song. Simple, and perfect.

#4. Black Eyed Peas did a good job with this song, and every time I hear it I want to go dancing!

#5. There's been countless remakes of this one, but My Brightest Diamond does my favorite (aside from Muse)

This song reminds me of high school and not being there ever lol. Jakob Dylan is perfect, and so is this song

I'd love to have some music recommendations? I enjoy anything and everything! Xo


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