22 May 2011

Busy Little Bee...

Things have been so hectic and thrown together, I've felt so disorganized and just out of it. This week has just been one of those weeks. On the plus side, I've finished my internship and received a position with the company. Very happy about that :) I graduate the program tomorrow , and also start my college math class which will be 3hrs on monday nights. I needed to get it done in order to take other needed classes next semester, so it is what it is. Not my first year of summer school ;)

Here are some pictures from this week, I don't remember the specific days lol. They've all seemed the same during the stormy, gray week.

Ari received a tickle me elmo as a christmas present recently, and she absolutely adores it! Thanks to C's brother and sister-in-law :)

Walking in mommy's shoes.. She did extremely well too lol

Ari has an obsession with sitting on balls (Yes, I do know how that sounds haha) but I am serious; she would sit on her normal sized bouncy ball and watch tv and be perfectly content. But, we felt bad, so one day C came home with a huge ball for her! She's so happy, she'll look out those windows for soo long.

My photocopied math book.. $113.00 brand new and I got it for free :) sweeet!

She's super cute putting on my clothes, but notice something else in the picture? Yup, no diaper! We've began potty training, and so far it's taken off very slow which is perfectly fine. Ari has been showing interest, by saying pee and poop, sitting on her potty and we even had an extremely near miss. I'm optimistic, I think she's going to catch on right away. I'm definitely not pushing it on her, so it's fun to see her putting two and two together! So smart :)

How she enjoys her lemonade

Random little girl at the park who would not leave us alone, so we let her push Ari on the swing lol. Gotta love when people pawn off their annoying offspring

This old McDonald's card fell out of a book of mine when I was cleaning today. The 90's were totally embarrassing!

Minestrone soup with red beans on tortilla, yum!

Juniper and Jaxon. I'm pretty much about to switch his name to Jackson Brown, which is what I for some reason keep calling him. He purs every time he hears it lol. Juniper likes to lick my face at all hours and wake up me petrified, every single time. They're wierd as hell, but that's why they fit in!

Links you'll like tomorrow, among other things :)

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