17 May 2011

Day 3! and MyPlate, a Wonderful Health and Weight Loss Tool

In terms of working out and eating better, I'm pretty proud of myself!

Yesterday, I drank 4 8oz cups of water. That's a pretty big thing for me! I watched what I ate and stayed within my calorie intake guidelines.

For exercise, I was pretty motivated :) I did P90x yoga for 45 minutes, and then decided to get in some cardio. Wouldn't you know it, I went for a run. I ran to the park, and I ran around the baseball field 3 and a half times, walked 2 and a half times. Then I ran home. I pretty much felt like I was about die, but I feel good right now. Tired, but accomplished. When I was running, I just kept pushing myself- it was SO hard but an excellent challenge. Having asthma, it's pretty difficult for me to breathe when I'm doing something like running. Even though I felt like I was on fire (lol), and after I threw up (shouldn't have drank mucho agua before going), I guess I just have to get into a solid routine again. It is what it is, I really don't want to do it today. My legs still feel so dead! But I'm gonna make myself, and get a good pace going this time. I hear there's a certain rhythm to running- hopefully I find it soon. Today I plan to run one more lap than I did yesterday. Gotta build stamina!

On sunday though, a friend of mine introduced me to this AMAZING program. On Livestrong.com, you must check out MyPlate. I am seriously addicted! You can set calorie goals for yourself, and whatever you eat or drink you enter into your food log- which amazingly, all you have to do is enter in whatever you had, and it automatically counts the calories for you! There is also a fitness and equipment log, it's pretty much the same as the food log. You write in what you did/used, and it calculates how many calories you have burned (you won't believe the things they count- taking out the trash, playing with the kids, etc!)

Not only does it track pretty much everything, there are also great articles, advice, recipes, and a section called dares, where you can take on challenges. Pretty cool :) I'm looking for a few to do. That right there is another motivator!

You can also enter in your weight daily, but a tip I have to keep reminding myself: You'll lose inches before you lose pounds, and muscle weighs more than fat. I'm trying not to be so obsessive over the scale, and I'm somewhat succeeding.

I know I'm going to reach my goal much easier when I see my downfalls and my food logs.

This website is seriously keeping me in check, and I'm super thankful to know about it! If you're looking to be healthy but need to be kept in line, you have to try MyPlate. It's free with wonderful features, but you can also upgrade if you'd like.

Are you on a weight loss journey? Have any tips? Just remember- Don't give up! You can meet your goal!


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