08 May 2011

Mothers Day

Happy mothers day to all you awesome mamas out there! Today is a day of celebration, and it took on a new meaning to me when I became a mama.

Mothering is the hardest job in the world; but also the most rewarding

When you're a mom, there is truly no escaping (that could be good or bad.. lol). You're on call 24/7. Moms play the role of chef, taxi, doctor, teacher, judge, maid, exterminator, superhero, among other things. Unpaid domestic servant, anyone? haha

But there's something about being mom that really is magical. For me, it's: hearing and seeing Ari laugh, watching her smile, seeing her learn something new, watching her as she sleeps, finding her in her room with a book, seeing her happiness as she picks dandelions, when she gives kisses, and watching her with animals. All of those bring such joy to me that I've never experienced before having a child. Like really, how can watching a kid pick flowers make you happy? But when they are your own, it does.

Being a mom means...

*making eggs every morning if thats what baby will eat

*getting used to the fact that you will not have nice things until your kids are 20+

*trying to read a book with missing/ scribbled on pages

*laughing when people at school question your missing laptop keys

*kissing boo-boo's when your kid gets hurt

*making and washing bottles, over and over and over again

*looking at your childs closet and wondering how her wardrobe is 10 times as big as yours

*watching kid shows, and knowing the theme song to every single one

*getting TOO excited that Disney on Ice is coming to your city

*knowing if you are wearing something light, your child will somehow stain it with
something dark. If you're wearing something dark, it will be stained with something white

*forgoing most social interaction with anyone who speaks over 20 words

*knowing even though you've basically given up your whole life, you can't imagine what you ever did without your child.

Ariana Annette, I love you more than words. You are the smartest, sweetest, and most beautiful little girl. I am truly blessed! Even though you drive me crazy by dumping cat food and water on my bed, putting batteries down the toilet, and painting the windows with milk, I could never ask for a better daughter. Seeing you learn new things everyday brings me so much joy. You are incredibly unique, and though you may be little, your personality and sense of humor is HUGE. You're the peanut butter to my jelly, and I love you always ♥


Naomi Taylor said...

I love your blog! Your photos are beautiful and you've inspired me to pick up the camera once more : ) Thank you!!

Shayna Rae said...

That's so wonderful! Thank you very much :)

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