16 May 2011

Even when the sun don't shine...

Wonderful week, right? Clearly this is going to be one of those at home productive weeks. Which is all well because C's stepmom just gave me a bunch of vintage dresses that were her mothers, so I can't wait to start making more things for A!

Yesterday I spent the entire day and part of the night cleaning and organizing. So happy its done! I found time to do some yoga and Jaxon joined me:

I got around to fixing a plate that has been broken for about a month now. These little French plates came in a set of four, and I just love them so much. This one was being used under my mint plant, and C broke it one day (men..). It sat in pieces until saturday, when I cleaned them in the sink and sliced my thumb open length-wise! Glad it's done.

I also got around to sewing a pillow that's been waiting to get put back together

It cleared up a bit yesterday evening, fooled me into thinking it would be nice today, but hey at least the sky was pretty for a little while

You know it's Spring when the lilacs are in bloom. We have plenty around our house right now! We have a dried (well, currently drying) bunch hanging in our bedroom, and fresh ones in the kitchen, dining room, and living room. It smells like a garden in here haha

This is also my last week as intern! It seems so recent that I was blogging about getting accepted into the program and how I was feeling. It's been a very self-reflective time and I've definitely grown as a person, student, and employee. I finally have confidence in my abilities, totally a good feeling :)

Hopefully it's sunnier weather where you are? Xo


Haley said...

I am obsessed with lilacs, I keep them in my room because I can't get enough of the delicious smell haha.

I went out yesterday to buy some flowers for my flower garden that I have every year, and I thought of you when I saw herbs around the nurseries. If I actually cooked and knew what herbs were good to use with what dishes, I would keep some of my own. Until the day I have my own kitchen and time to use it, I'm going to keep looking for your recipes and take mental notes on what you do, because it all looks delicious! :)

Anonymous said...

What an adorable dish! I'm a young mama too!

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