26 May 2011

Ari's Upcycled Shirt!

It's seriously so weird to be at home this week. I am so used to waking up and having a workday routine that all this free time* is foreign to me now.

*Side note: free time is not really free when you have children.

Lucky for me today, Ari was in an easygoing mood and quietly played (and 'did her toes') this morning while I sewed her that summer shirt in the photo above! Last night I felt inspired so I got out one of those vintage dresses and started cutting away.

I'm actually pretty thrilled at how it turned out :) It was my second sewing project, I learned how to make buttonholes too! I had buttons on the back of the shirt but unfortunately that wasn't really working out, so I improvised and got out some ribbon, made extra holes and used that instead. The shirt is ruffled on the front, and the fabric is a cotton/ polyester mix. The straps button for easy on and off - I was contemplating making holes so she could grow with it but it fits her really good now so it was deemed not necessary / extra work!

Mid-way through the afternoon I was daydreaming on what I could use the scrap fabric for, when I decided to make her a matching headband. She really liked that idea, and got upset when I took it off her to take a photo of it!

We had a good day today, lots of giggles :) had vegetables and diced mango for lunch. I'm hoping I start work on monday though, because no matter how much I love my baby, I just don't feel accomplished nor satisfied being at home. My depression is pretty much non-existant at this point, and I'm thankful for that. Took long enough! But I need to be around adults or I go crazy, lol. Kudos to all the baby sitters in the world/ parents of more than one, I could never do it!


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