12 April 2011

Oh it's a beautiful life..

Yesterday was amazing! The weather was perfect so Ari and I went for a longgg walk, and then to play at the park. We just played in the grass, and she was rolling down the hill! We laughed a lot, it was hilarious. :)

(I've had this dress forever, but never wore it until now!)

(Ari's first ice cream cone!)

During lunch yesterday, I walked to the thrift store and found more little finds for a total of $3.50! The glasses are regular sized, not shot glasses lol (they look small in the photo!)

I wish things would just slooww down for a little while. I was so excited to get busy, but now I feel as if I'm not accomplishing many things that I want to be doing. Time is going by tooo fast! I am anxious for the weather to continue to get warmer ♥

On another note, have you all seen the "Corn Sugar" commercial that is now playing on tv? If not, check it out here. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?! Wake up. "Your body can't tell the difference" "Sugar is sugar". I'm in shock to have seen that. There is another commercial, in which the calm, HFCS-supporting mother pretty much laughs at the other mother who questions her on watching what her children eat, appearing paranoid and neurotic (watch that here). Go figure!

Have a great night loveys xo


Aly said...

Ok so tell me why I saw the commercial about the sugar and knew you'd have something to say about it..... I'm sure a lot of people believe it too. "It's not sugar, or Splenda!!"

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