09 April 2011

Local food post + Links you will like!


It's no secret that I absolutely love supporting local agriculture, so today was exciting for me (as usual ;) We purchased delicious food, and Ari loved everything she tried! Seaweed granola, cranberry goat cheese, olive cheese, pesto and bread, and her favorite, apples! Everybody is so friendly, and a lot of the babes are in carriers just like A's, so she's perfect height to wave and chatter with them! More people need to experience the market, and I guarantee if you go, you will become addicted - but it's not a bad thing! There is just something special about being able to talk to the person who picked your food the previous day. Honestly what is more important than knowing where your food, what you live on, is coming from? Since spending the moring at the market, I've felt inspired to post some links you might like:

Great article about CSA Shares!

All about the Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market!

10 reasons for eating locally grown food

A few things I purchased from the market are kombu (a seaweed) and wheatgrass. Read about Kombu's benefits here, and read about wheatgrass' benefits here.

Delicious blueberry, banana, and Organic wheatgrass smoothie!

Starting your own indoor herb garden!

Three reasons why gardening is an act of love

TAKE ACTION for Earth Day, on April 22 - I will be!

(Ari moved her ottoman to her table and seriously has no fear. at 7 am. UGGHHH.)







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