26 April 2011

Ari's 2nd Easter + the real beginning of Spring

Easter turned out to be a beautiful day, felt like it was close to 70 degrees and the sun shone bright until around 2pm when clouds took over. We went to my parents first, Ari received a wonderful goodie-filled basket and we all hung out on the back deck and enjoyed each other. Afterward, we went to visit my great-grandmother, Ari's first time being there. ♥ Our last stop of the day was C's fathers house, which was definitely high-energy. Munchkin had so much fun doing the Easter Egg hunt, she grabbed the basket from C and took off with the big kids! We painted eggs, and ate yummy food. Drew with chalk, and Ari had a blast jumping on her pepere's couch for a solid half hour with her little friend.

Yesterday, it was another amazing day and we walked to the park to let Ari play for a while. The grass had erupted with purple and white flowers, it was so pretty!

I have photos from today but I'm going to put them in a new post, sorry so photo heavy! Xo


aly said...

i miss you guys so much..im so sad i wasnt there to see her get her eggs! i think you should take your first family trip and come visit, all 3 of you, to tennessee!!!!!!! :) please!

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