24 April 2011

Links you'll Like - Earth & Rainy days

Friday was Earth day, but it was not looking very promising - So I vowed to get outdoors today. Apparently I don't watch the weather, because it was crazy raining all day! So that led to indoor activities, such as drawing and painting the bathroom. But alas, Earth day shouldn't be one day a year - it should be every day! Here are some links you will like, Earth day edition ;)

In depth list of tips and interesting tidbits

Earth friendly tips Dr Seuss style

40 tips to go green @ home

descriptive article discussing cost

10 green tips for kids - it's never too early to start teaching the wee ones

How eating locally grown food helps the environment

Curious as to whether Organic is worth the extra cost?

(Juniper and Jaxon are doing wonderful, already used to everything, and so lovable!)

Friday we received Ari's easter box from mem mem! She loved all her clothes, tore through it but stopped to look at each thing, and put her beaded necklace on right away! Thanks mem, we love you xo

Her new favorite thing is walking on her tip toes

"Niiiiiiice baby" - Ari's phrase of the hour when playing with her doll. She was making me laugh so much, the way she was so attentive to it but at the same time abusing baby LOL. For instance, she would throw baby off of the bus, but right after go pick it up and lay it back down on the steering wheel. hahah

Ari loves to dance, in these photos she has her egg shaped maracas and was dancing in circles. Right after that she ran to her play yard and hung out on the side of it for a good ten minutes. Every day it becomes more apparent that I am raising a monkey

This morning was interesting.. Ari has a whole bunch of new socks, and usually we let her choose what she wants to wear (within reason.. temperature wise lol). It's important for me to let her develop her own sense of style, and she already has a good one ;)

Lots of art today

We also decided to paint today (C did while I kept the little munchkin entertained)
The room was two toned, the top being white and the bottom and ugly spraypaint looking green.

It looks so good! Definitely a huge change from when we moved in.

We also had a shelf on the bathroom wall that I've been dying to paint, and with befriending the neighbors and being allowed access to their paint hord, I finally did that :)

Tomorrow is easter day. It has no significance to us other than being a hallmark holiday, an excuse to celebrate, to spend time with family and eat and enjoy the beginning of spring. I actually did catch the news tonight, and it's supposed to be 65 degrees. ;) A is going to have a blast, and I'm excited to see how it all goes.

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, xo ♥


Antoinette said...

Your little girl is absolutely beautiful! You must be the proudest mama!


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