18 April 2011

All good things!

These past few days have gone by too fast! Ari is loving her kitties, and she now knows not to touch their food! haha

(She loves to pick out her own footwear!)

Yesterday we went to my parents to hang out and have dinner, it was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time :)

(Ice cream, and she very much enjoyed it ;)

Today was the first day of my internship! It went very well, I've already learned a lot. Not to mention, the people are super nice! I was happy to pick Ari up today though, I missed her a whole bunch ♥ She's learned how to balance perfectly on the stepping part of her high chair, and is so proud of herself lol. I found her purse tonight (one of my old bags), and in it was a quarter, a penny, my favorite pen, a little lime green toy piece, and a battery! Ari never ceases to make me laugh!

My plants have been thriving, and that makes me so happy! It's the coolest thing to cut my own fresh herbs to use. My wildflowers are growing surprisingly fast, and the cucumbers are beginning to sprout. My lemon balm and parsley plants are doing the best right now in terms of what they're yielding. I can't wait to get more, but I need a bigger table!

(Again, Ari's choice footwear, at least they're both sandals; A's new window decor; delicious oatmeal cranberry cookies; a very tired Juniper, clearly)

Here's a song that put me in a great mood today - watch the video here

Also, this is too cool to not check out : Build your own bicycle!

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Nikki said...

juniper is very cute. just like his brother Mr.peppers ;) actually poor thing has many names, we cant decide lol.

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