14 March 2011

These roads don't move, you're the one that moves..

UGH. Can this moving stuff be over already?! SO. TIRED. We've been packing, moving, unpacking, and organizing all weekend. My place is still a mess. I swear the next time we go anywhere, it will be into our house! Clutter drives me nuts, so hopefully everything will be done by tomorrow. A big thank you to A and R for spending their last weekend in RI helping us ♥ Love you guys, and miss you already.

School was really good today! It felt good to be back after missing pretty much a whole week due to no sitter for Ari. Tomorrow I'm guessing I'll have to stay home with munchkin, it sucks to miss class but it's important that C is working again. In a month, things should be really bright for us. It's a secret as to why, though! Until the time is right.

Anyway, lately I've been feeling a lot of regret at not being able to breastfeed Ari. I really am unsure why but it's been bothering me. Maybe because everyone seems to be getting pregnant again? She drinks regular milk now - switching to raw! - but so what? I've considered trying fenugreek to boost my supply, but C feels that's "weird", since Ari is 15 months old. I'm also having such a hard time getting him on board for cloth diapers. That's a whole other story, but I must say I think I'm winning this one! (Trust me, I pick and choose my battles ;) I wish I had done all of this research when I first became pregnant, I KNOW things would have been done differently had I been informed like I am now. But I also know that because of the decisions we make/ made, C and I have a beautiful, intelligent, happy and healthy toddler.

I don't plan on having any more children, but this video makes me want to change my mind! I wept. So beautiful, I can't wait to purchase the book ♥


Michelle Galano said...

I can totally relate to you with this post Shayna. I was unable to breastfeed and I still think about it everyday. My milk literally never came in, at the time I didn't have the research and everything to know that there were things to boost milk production and everything. It's with me everyday that I couldn't and sometimes it gets to me :(
You must win the battle with CDing! I know you can! :)

Shayna said...

Michelle, we are more alike than I thought! haha. My milk didn't come in for a while after I had Ari, and I had a c-section so it was all around not a good experience for me. (Sounds stupid but I felt like less of a mother because I didn't experience any pain like with a normal birth, I never even had one contraction!) Oh, and I am trying like hell to get those cloth diapers! Soo close! ;)

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