13 March 2011

Make a home from rented house..

"And we'll collect the moments one by one, I guess that's how the futures done". ♥

(Love that song, always puts me in a better mood!) Night one in the new place.. could've went a lot better. Our couch won't fit through any door in the building, so we're pretty much screwed with that. NO idea how we're going to get it up here, to the 4th floor.. It's raining today, too - Booooo!

Overall I like it here. It's extremely bright and has lots of space/ storage, which was needed. I'll take pictures once things are set up!

C and I have been on each others last nerves. Moving is kinda stressful, and things are tense. Makes me want to run away and not come back. I hate feeling that awkward unhappiness. All things must pass, but sometimes I feel like I'm making the wrong decision...

Anyway, got lots to do! I'll leave you loveys with a photo - I can NEVER get pictures of Ari sleeping because she won't go down unless it's a dark room, and she's a light sleeper so she wakes up from my camera clicks! Not last night though ;)


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