15 March 2011

A rant and rave!

It's beautiful outside today! I'm very much looking forward to the end of week, where the temperature will be nearing 60 degrees. It's so wonderful to live 2 minutes from a great park, especially now that it's getting warmer. Ari, myself and my two young cousins H and S walked there over the weekend to get a breather from moving, and half of the park was underwater! Rhode Island gets entirely too much snow (but I love it!). Spring is right around the corner, and while I used to dread it's arrival due to my allergies - which have disappeared - I'm starting to really embrace it. I'm loving the feeling of renewal, and of course I just can't wait to be back outdoors!

My sisters fiance R was sick when they came to visit, and naturally we all caught it. It's just a cold, but Ari has been more cuddly than normal, can't say I hate it! I want her to feel better fast, but she's always on the move, so it's kind of a welcome change of pace - does that make me mean? lol. I've been loading her up with fluids, the occasional all natural saline nose spray, and (when she'll take it) Maty's cough syrup. We use the banana flavored, and it's amazing! I'm totally against loading children up with pharmaceuticals, and am always looking for a natural alternative. This is definitely a winner!

Ari rarely gets sick, but when she does it's never been serious enough (to me) to warrant a doctors visit (except in May). We haven't been since October, and I'm happy with that. I know my daughter and I do enough research to be in charge of her healthcare. I'm not saying I know everything, because I definitely don't, but I feel I have more jurisdiction than a man who sees her once every 4 months for a round of shots. I keep up with studies and am always finding new, legitimate information. I love Ari's doctor, but I know I'm definitely being judged for selective / delayed vax'ing. I honestly feel he's going to tell me to find a new pedi when he finds out we aren't allowing her ANY vaccines anymore. Oh well, I've been looking for a holistic health practitioner anyway! It irritates me that so many parents are uninformed, and will keep their children from mine because OMG they're going to catch something. Your kid is vaccinated, you have nothing to worry about....... right? I am NOT bashing anybody's parenting choices, this is what's right for MY family. But don't assume that non-vax'ing is so terrible without doing a little research first. Just ask your doc for the vaccine package inserts! Totally ended up going off on a tangent there, but I'm sick of being ostracised and given horrified looks when anyone asks me anything vaccine-related. I don't even like to talk about it anymore lol. :)

Anyway, my main reason for this post was to show the most ADORABLE Etsy shop! SewnNatural is a mother-daughter team creating eco-friendly goods that will make you want to spend all your money! Everything is handmade, organic and beautiful. I can't get over this wonderful babywearing stuffie I am just dying to purchase for Ari (as well as everything else!) ♥

Check their shop out, I promise you won't be disappointed! SewnNatural's Etsy Shop


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