07 March 2011

recap of the week ♥ my mind is buzzing

Things have been so hectic and fast-paced this last week I feel like I haven't had any time to think!

School is going wonderful, I really enjoy it! I know I'm going to learn a lot medical-wise, and on another level. All the students in the class are early 30's and older, so I'm hoping to learn from them as well. I love listening to others life experiences.

A and R are home! And have been here for 6 days now. They are awesome houseguests, and Ari is so happy to have her auntie and uncle to play with! Today is A's 19th birthday! *post on that later. We might possibly be going out for dinner or some other shenanegans. But everything aside, we've been having an all around good time, and our house will definitely be feeling empty for a while after they leave.

Our apartment will be empty for another reason as well: We're moving! We found a cheaper, but just as nice place in a much better area. It's off a little side street, instead of a main road, on the side of a park! The ice cream shoppe is across the street. :) There is more storage space which we struggled with here, and a wonderful enclosed porch for my plants! It has character, which I LOVE. C, not so much. I also have the room to make my craft room/ studio! Hardwoods throughout the place (note to self: area rugs!). I'm excited, a fresh new start for Spring, and what an interesting way to get out of those moody blues.

A is just getting so big, where did my little peanut girl go?! Clearly turned into a demanding, independent toddler lol. *As she's trying to climb all over me* She has a new skill everyday. Saturday, she learned to climb the kitchen chairs. She is getting better with asking things by name. "Ah-UL" - Apple! "tanku" - Thank you! "blellu" - Bless you! hahah among many others. One being "Oh Chit!" Time for mommy to watch her mouth! ;)

C will be enlisted in the military by the end of this month, and I am excited to see where this will take us, as a family.

Now I must go since said toddler is whiningggg away -- Photos from today + the past week will be posted tonight, promise! Enjoy the rest of this sunny monday, my loves!


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