28 February 2011

Here comes the sun

Hello loveys! Today was a nice day, despite the rain. I walked to school, felt wonderful. The class itself is going to be interesting, and everybody is just so sweet. The weather ended up clearing by sunset, and a nice 50 degree has been blowing by. It feels so fresh in my house ♥

A's been saying words left and right! It's amazing to see how fast she's growing.. I miss my little baby :( She's 15 months as of the 23rd, and we have not made an appointment for her vaccinations. It is what it is! I love her so.

Tonight we planted the little chia herb garden things. Cute! I'm curious as to how this will turn out, I've never grown anything chia related lol.

My sister and brother in law are coming to visit from their home in Tennessee, and will be our roommates for the next few days. R returned from a tour in Afghanistan in January, and my sister moved down there (on my birthday!) to get their home ready for his arrival. I miss my sister, she's my best friend. I can't wait to see them! Xo


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