17 February 2011

There's my acceptance letter into the medical exploration program I recently interviewed for! :D I'm super happy, but nervous. It's been a while since I've been in such a structured learning enviroment - I'll be in class 9am-2pm mon-fri. I'm just not really looking forward to sending A to daycare. She's never had to go, as I've been home with her since the day she was born. Minus a few 4 hour shifts at the hospital, a few sleepovers and a few trips to Florida, we've really never been apart. A will be going to my aunts home daycare with two other toddlers, one being her big cousin K. I know things will be fine, but I'm sad to leave her.

Anyway! My loves and I spent a wonderful evening cooking dinner and enjoying having each other around. Ella Fitzgerald, Louie Armstrong and Ray Lamontagne provided the soundtrack to our night ♥ I'm happy to say that my daughter is quite the veggie lover! She ate lots of raw sweet potato, and steamed broccoli. At least when she does eat (she never wants to!) she's eating healthy. I'm hoping our "eating lifestyle change" won't be a struggle for her - I'm betting it won't be - but more about that in another post! What are your fave healthy foods?


Kirsten said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!

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