18 February 2011

A budding photographer

Spring has sprung! Well, not for real, but for now! It was around 53 degrees today so A and I went outside in the "yard" (aka parking lot) for some sun and kickball. A was much too interested in stomping in puddles than playing with her ball, so naturally when we came back inside she was soaked and muddy.

Before we went outside, I caught A holding my old 35mm Canon. She's not allowed to play with important electronic items.. but I just sat on the floor and let her play. Taught her how to look through the viewfinder and all. She pretended to take pictures of me, making a little clicking sound. When I showed her the pictures I had taken on my digital, she exclaimed "babeh" haha. She was just so into trying to figure out how to get it to work. My heart swelled up just watching her, it was like one of those cheesy Lifetime movie moments. I hope when A is older she finds something that brings her as much happiness as photography brings me. I wish she could stay small forever... ♥


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! I love vintage cameras :) I have a collection!

mommysankey said...

Love love love the photos! Don't you love little curious hands and fingers. My two always leave me finding something exciting... usually a discovery they have made on their own.


Jennifer said...

Saying hi and following you from bloggy moms. Check out my blog: diaperderby.blogspot.com

Kenda said...

What an angel! (my son has the boy version of that sweater - he loves it) Thanks for the follow - following back :)

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