16 February 2011

When it rains, it pours

I am soo happy today is over. It started off fine, quiet even. Surprising in this house, considering our neighbor lets her children run rampant at 630 a.m. Needless to say, we are never late for anything thanks to our little alarm clocks. Anyway, around 1:30 a National Grid gas worker comes to our door and tells us we need to evacuate our house immediately, don't turn on any light switches, etc. Excuse me? Turns out there has been a gas leak under our street and it has been seeping into everybody's foundations. I have been smelling something strong for the past four days, never would have guessed it to be gas. Well we're told to evacuate, unfortunately our Volkswagen hasn't been working for some time so where are we supposed to go in the middle of the day when everybody is at work? It was about 30 degrees at most. Luckily our downstairs neighbor, T, asked us if we'd like to grab a bite to eat. We headed out, having to use T's unborn daughters brand new car seat as we forgot ours in my parents car. We spent a while at the restaurant, A casually walking around with me trailing behind her. She is so friendly! Everybody was waving goodbye and smiling at her when we left. Since our street was now completely blocked off, C figured we could just go to his dads until things were figured out. 2 minutes from our destination, A starts to cry and is clearly uncomfortable. It all happened so fast, but within 10 seconds she had a huge, disgusting pile of vomit all over her..... and T's bag, car, and daughter's carseat. I about died right then and there. I don't think I need to go into details.... but it was bad. A NEVER gets sick, so I was freaking out. Not to mention, T's brand new car seat with vomit all over it, not even from her own baby! This story gets even better though. Remember I mentioned it being no more than 30 degrees? Well, C's dad had given the spare key to his stepmom. So, we waited outside for a half hour until his dad got home. A had to wear my coat because hers was totally unwearable. I have to say though, I'm pretty happy with how I handled it all today. I am totally the type that gets wound up about everythingg, especially if something isn't turning out the way I envision in my mind. I was calm and stayed level-headed. Progress is being made!

We were able to come back home around 6pm, when they were just beginning to dig up the road. But A went down to sleep easily, despite the chaos and noise outside. Naturally I just had to get a few photos. I don't think this project will be ceasing anytime soon, so let's hope Death Cab drowns it out nicely.. xo


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