28 February 2011

Sunday = no fun day

What a yuck day! It's been snowing and raining, miserably cold. As you all know my countdown to spring has been in effect for a while, and only a little over three weeks to go until the welcomed new season arrives. Can't wait! Lots of gardening to be done this year. I got my late birthday present from my parents last night, and one of the gifts is an indoor herb garden! I'll be growing chives, dill, and marjoram. Starting it tomorrow (today) hah. ♥

Anyway, dealing with a sick kid = no fun. A is getting over Fifths Disease, a common childhood virus. She's been fine except for this morning, when all she wanted to do was cuddle and read books. She was herself again by the afternoon, but ohhh the whining!

Another bad mill fire in the city today at a chemical dye plant. Our water was brown for quite a while! Interesting how the building was actually supposed to be demolished this week, and just happened to catch on fire when there is no utilities going to the building. That's about the 4th one in ten years!

My mind is everywhere right now! Of course it would be on the one night I actually need to sleep. Did you forget what tomorrow is? My first day back to school. :) I am nervous, but so excited and happy. A will be staying home with C tomorrow so I'm grateful for the fact I won't be worrying about her at daycare on my first day. This weekend seemed to have brought me a strange turn of luck. Lets hope it keeps up!

I hope you all have a wonderful beginning to the work week! xo


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