27 February 2011

Fresh food, cute babies, and hippie people

Today my mom, A and I headed to the Pawtucket Winter Farmers Market at the Hope Artiste Village. We are so in love! The market is in an old (and beautiful) mill, and we arrived at 10am to find the place packed. There were barrels for recycling compost! Eggs cartons lined a wall, stacked neatly by the people returning them for reuse. Fresh food everywhere we turned! Artisan soaps everywhere, herbs, grass-feed beef, fresh-baked bread, fresh cheeses, delicious vegan ice cream, among many other things. The vendors were just great, everybody was so friendly and so natural. There were samples on every table, everyone ate it all up! Every vendor is either from Rhode Island or Southern Massachusetts. It was a wonderful atmosphere, we plan to go back every week for our produce. A loves to carry around a whole apple, and honestly this apple didn't start turning brown for 5 hours! What is that telling you? GMO and pesticide-free food (aka Organic) is the way to go. I love the fact that the people running the tables were the farmers themselves. I was speaking to the person harvesting my food, and supporting local agriculture. What's better than that?!

There was a wonderful violin shoppe inside the mill

Afterwards, A and I hung out at my parents for the day and C came for dinner. A played with some board games, and we watched a wolf in the backyard. It was so close, although it was unbelievable to see, I was kind of frightened, even behind the glass door! All in all it was such a lovely day, I hope it's a recurring thing ♥ I hope you loveys had just as great a day! Xo


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