18 February 2011

A Tour Around My Town

Today was such a nice day! A little over 60 degrees and barely a breeze outside. C and I wanted to take A to the park but all the snow melting has made everything wet, not to mention she took a 2 hour nap! We decided to take a walk around our neighborhood instead, so here are a few interesting things about my hometown ♥

My town is not a town at all, it's a city! "A City on the Move" to be exact, so says our little slogan. We were a mecca during the industrial period, mills and three story tenements lining the narrow streets. Not much has changed, aside from cobblestone streets being paved over with smooth cement, and the ever-changing neon signs hanging in store fronts on Main Street. Mills are everywhere, most being renovated into amazing lofts. I like the "hole in the wall" vibe here, although it's more prominent downtown than anywhere else. This place is tiny, why it feels more like a town. Tucked into the northern part of the state bordering Massachusetts, we are home to thick New England accents, wieners, and Autumnfest. The population is what makes it a city, at around 46,000. Many people living here are French Canadian, and French is still a common language, along with Spanish and Portuguese.

The old police station on Front Street, now turned into condos. While you can't see the entire building, the wonderful detailing is original. I mainly took this photo to show the buds on the trees! A sure sign Spring is on its way.

One of the old mills sitting on the Blackstone River, looking out toward the Main Street Historic District and the Court Street Bridge. Many of the textile mills had runoff dye that would contaminate the River, poison the fish, etc. The Blackstone River has made a huge comeback in being able to sustain plants + fish thanks to the many clean-up projects the city hosts.

Munroe Dairy is a staple in Rhode Island, as they are one of the only (if not the only) company who still delivers your milk to your door! If you aren't home to receive your delivery, the will pack your milkbox with ice so it stays cold until you get home. The customer service is just incredible, and other products are available as well (eggs, grass-fed beef, etc.) The milk contains NO artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, and all products are local.
A little touch of old in an era of new ♥

Don't you just adore this home? It's behind my apartment, and I am in love with it! Wish I could take a sneak peek inside ;) My favorite is the paned windows in the attic.

The L'Eglise du Precieux Sang, aka Precious Blood Church. This beautiful structure was built in 1873 as the first French-Canadian church in the city. The belfry is copper that corroded into the green color it is today. Precious Blood was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the early 80's. It is still used for mass and other functions, such as bingo! Fun fact* I made my first communion here :)

I'm hoping to do more posts like this in the future, not only of my city but all of Rhode Island, as it is truly a special place to live/visit. After living in Florida for a while, I no longer take this little state for granted. ♥


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