04 February 2011


Ugh. Talk about depressing. I feel so lost without my laptop! Blogging on a blackberry is just not my style. I have might have mentioned in a previous post that my lovely daughter A broke my charger. I was holding it in to charge for a while, and that got old fast, not to mention it slowly got harder to get it to charge. It's now somehow de-charging. Whatevaa. I've come to accept that anything that runs on an electrical charge, will work for me, whether it be a car, or an iPod. With the exception of, of course, a camera. I wonder if horse drawn sleighs are legal on the streets of Woonsocket haha. I'm not sure anybody would be very surprised :)

My school interview went well today. It was surprisingly short but I was honest and optimistic. I hope I get it! I walked back home from Main St and it just looks so beautiful outside today. Everything is coated in ice, but the sun is out full force, making everything glisten and shine. I was planning on taking my camera with me to the interview, but was rushing and forgot it - along with my headphones! Hate when that happens. As I'm writing this I'm lying on my bed in the sun, so warm! I truly cannot wait until Spring. I can't wait to start planting flowers, and going for long walks with A on the bike path. She is a great soccer player in the house lol, so I can only imagine how much fun she is going to have kicking the ball around outside. Picnics, and sweaters. Easter and pastel colors, green grass and bright blue skies. I can't wait to help A climb a jungle gym for the first time! I feel so refreshed right now, I could lay here all day. Lucky for me A has finally laid down for a quick nap. I need to figure out Blogger on this phone, and then ill get to posting some pictures that I've been drooling over lately. Xoxo S


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