02 February 2011


Well, it's February. Happy Groundhog Day! I'd like to say I would be thrilled there is only 6 more weeks of winter, but I can't put my hopes into an animal who is right only 39% of the time. Not only that, but has anyone noticed the weather we've been getting?! Nor'Easters every week, now these two storms that have hit / are hitting us.

That star is us! It snowed a lot yesterday, and we had a blast taking A out to play in the fresh powder. She loved it as usual! Today it's rain, and then freezing rain, so we are housebound. We've read all of A's favorite books twice so far, I'm thinking we might make some Valentine's Day cards for our family.

Lately A has been learning at an incredible pace! I can't even keep up. We go through her giant picture book and say something on the page, and she will point to it. She is learning a new word every day. She dances so much! She especially loves to dance ON things haha - her potty, the coffee table, any chair she can get on (we are always watching her to catch her if she slips, obviouslyy). Her favorite musicians - Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley), Fleetwood Mac, Band of Horses and really anything that inspires her haha. She will randomly come from where she is in the house to listen to music. ♥

I have my interview on friday for school, crossing my fingers it all goes well! If it does, I'll be back in school in 3 weeks :D


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