07 February 2011


In our house, we try to conserve where we can (which is just about everywhere). Imagine my happiness when C made me my very own indoor clothesline! Line drying definitely falls within our idea of conserving; we're saving money ($1 per load, plus price of dryer sheets, etc.), we're helping our clothes to last longer (by not exposing to high heat), we're using less electricity, and it puts some much needed moisture in the air considering it's winter. There are other options to installing your own line, a drying rack like this one, or even just your shower curtain rod! I also make my own laundry soap, and while that's not necessarily cheaper, it lasts longer and is 100% natural.

I feel good knowing what I'm washing muchkins clothing with. Today was laundry day, so I'll leave you all with a photo of my line! Unfortunately I'm only able to post photos from my Blackberry until the laptop is up and running. I'm prepared to do a huge update once I get a new charger, my camera desperately needs to be emptied!


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